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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This and that.. that and this

Ok lets start with baby proofing... everyone who has a child under the age of 2 at any point has baby proofed.. why? well 1) its to keep the baby safe (duh) but 2) its really set out to annoy the daylights out of your spouse as you watch him try and figure out how to work the gadget.. well spouse and teenagers. (see that kids.. mommy's paying you back for these teen years!! HAHAHA!! :::evil laugh:::: ). Anyways.... we have put one of these baby proofing items on our fridge.. ok. .its not for Emily.. YET.. but... it is there to keep the door closed.. .except one thing.... NOBODY can figure out how to move the little plastic piece off the button.. so they all RIP the door open.. WTF.. seriously.. its NOT that complicated.. I promise.. although I have also decided women invented these things.. there is NOT a man on earth that would have put a button lock on the holder of the beer. NOT a chance. So now my job today is to find a gadget that is baby proof, man proof and teenager proof..... duct tape it is.

Ok.. on to the next thing... I have this best friend.. her name is Mel. She came to me with the pondering of "why does the tape of a maxi pad stick to everything but where it is supposed to stick" ya know.. that is a damn good question. and she's right.. ANY female would agree that they use this super glue tape on those things. which is great.. but.... then you go attach it to your panties.. and damn if that thing doesn't slip, slide and come undone.. are you kidding me? of course it will twist it self around attach to the front of them, it will attach to the toilet seat on the way down.. and GOD knows it will attach and pull your um hair (ok. .come on we don't all landscape the private property... and if you do, please leave this bloggers imagination as it is.. I don't NEED to know).

So my mom is coming this weekend we got the phone call last night. . this is good news... I love my mom. :o)~ I can't wait for the visit.. .and then the panic sets in. .OMG we have to clean the house.. ok.. my house isn't that bad.. but my mom well..she's a neat freak.. we aren't talking Felix Unger here, but she is defintiely a neat freak. so I will breathe. .I will clean.. and then..I will threaten anyone who messes it up.

Ok one last thing.. there are some ladies on my Janaury board, and I can't tell you how impressed I am with the pictures they take with their cameras.. if I get a good picture.. I call it a really cool accident. They have a thing going on where they want us to post pictures right now.. I will look, but i am not participating lol.. I look like grade school compared to these ladies.. I am so impressed with all of them.

Ok Emily is growling.. it must be time for the morning nap.. more later. if not tune in next time.. when you will hear this blogger say......

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