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Monday, September 22, 2008

oh yea I forgot....

my husband sucks. women go on diets....we lose 10 lbs in like 3 months. .and ya know. .we are happy. ... ok. .I lie we aren't happy but we take our lumps... ya know? (do NOT sing the lady lump song Chuck.. don't do it). ok. .anyways.. so Chuck had to lose 15 lbs for the Navy, he started taking hydroxy cut he weighed in at 215 he had to weigh 198 lbs. 3 weeks...... do you know that that JERK @#*!@)$ weighed on saturday? 188 lbs.. BITE me. I am selling him on ebay.. remember ladies.. he sings its like having a live karaoke machine.. and he does dishes.. and cleans up.. does laundry.. wait never mind.. he's mine.

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