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Monday, September 29, 2008

Tag.. YOUR it...

I am sure if you are on Myspace you have been tagged before, if not then i am going to play tag now. i am going to post a blog with six things about my life.. whether you want to know.. you're going to know soon. I am then going to tag others... this could be fun:

1) I love to cook and bake, if I could be a professional chef or caterer I would love it. I love to experiment in the kitchen and most things come out pretty darn good and the ones that don't ... :::tosses them out the window:::::well, we just get rid of the evidence and leave no witnesses

2) I never believed in love at first site until I met Chuck face to face. I knew him via AOL for 4 years before we met but our face to face meeting was so awesome it was electric and well that was Nov 21, 2001... and its now 2008. I may want to kill him sometimes but most of the time I think we do ok.

3) Wii sports is the coolest game in the whole wide world.. the end :o)~ lol.. ok.. not the end. i was 9 months pregnant bowling in my living room..... and then only a few days post partum from a csection bowling again.. AWESOME.

4) Garth Brooks, Winnie the Pooh, Chocolate hershey kisses and Dr Pepper you bring me any of those four things and you can be my friend forever :o)~

5) When it comes to my kids I am like a lioness with her cubs.. hurt me all you want, but you best not EVER mess with my kids.. GROWL

6) I can watch Grease, Ever After, Dirty Dancing, the Notebook, and PS I love you over and over again and never get sick of them. I think they are just wonderful.

Ok now I tag.. Chuck, Mel, Nikia (yea I know "but i dont have a blog.." guess you better make one),Amanda, Lisa, Misty, Shawna and yes you too Erica.. Ok so that was more then six. .but I only have 8 followers.. lets see those tags Ladies/Chuck.


fyrgrl said...

LOL ok my answers:

1.-I love to bake and cook but I am not very creative. But everybody loves my baking and esp my jar cakes (shelf life of 6mos btw)

2.-I trust to easy I want to see the good in everybody, but I feel like since I had diem that everybody is just looking at me like I have horns and green hair. And that I am one of the ugliest people to ever walk the face of the earth. That being said I love my daughter.

3. I have thought of becoming a crack head to be skinny , but that cost to much money. I realize I just don't have motivation.

4. I have to follow suit bring me NKOTB, Pepsi, A sweet Red Italian wine, Chocolate, and a good Amish book, and candle, and your stuck with me.

5. Deep down all I want to be is accepted and loved. I love my friends and my family and will do pretty much anything for them.

6. Again following suit. I love Dirty Dancing, Nicholas Sparks, the movies Where the Heart is, Sweet home alabama, and my all time fav is Backdraft. My little brother could resite the entire movie and I could not watch it for almost a year after he died

Flip Flop Mommy said...

Ok I did one for ya Go check out the blog

My Three Sons said...

ok going to do mine now.

Kristine said...

Wii bowling put me into labor, lmao!