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Friday, September 26, 2008


Its Friday..... Thank God. ... another week survived .. go me. Of course, at the same note, its hard to say anyone is living anymore, we are all surviving. I don't know of anyone who really goes out to splurge and have fun.. everyone is worried about the mighty dollar, and as I listen in the background to Fox News talk about a bailout plan, I think we need to grocery shop but what can we get this week? What do we have to skip? what will get put back? Even with my mom helping and I am sure buying alot, we still have to be cautious. Remember when buying a loaf of bread was .79 cents? for a generic loaf it was 1.49 the other day. wow. Eggs are over 2.00 a dozen. Buying food a neccessity shouldn't feel like you are "splurging" when you buy yogurt! you shouldn't feel like one night a week ramen or soup has to be on the menu. This world has gone insane.

I know my husband is waiting for me to slam him, and I am not going to.. but again this fight is like so many everyone is having its over the dollar... the dismal dollar. Its about right and wrong, and no not I'm right and he's wrong. . its about the military.. its about taking advantage of my husband. it's about being lied to. i am annoyed.. ok who am I lying to? I am pissed off. ok. .background. .somehow some idiot did paperwork and put him a non pay status.....he did two drills and never got paid. we were told by many "oh when this is taken care of they will pay you." right.. I should have known better.. but I trusted them.. never make that mistake. they lied. they lied to keep him working.. and it worked.. he showed up in good faith, he did his job, and in the end they lied. i have lost faith in his command, and i have told him so. I will never go out of my way for them... they don't care so why should we? I hate being lied to, I hate that they then added insult to injury and took extra money for a time they wont pay him for. Its not fair. its not Chucks fault, in the end.. its just the BS of it all.

My mom is taking me to get my nails done today, she heard my blog about the economy and decided I need my nails done and cheesecake from the cheesecake factory... note to self.. .keep mom. ;o)~

Short blog today as we are going to go do some running around, have a lovely day.

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