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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Martha Stewart... can bite me

I look around my house, and i think well we could use curtains in the living room.. and we could use carpets that don't have stains on them.. and we could use teenagers who can throw away the toilet paper roll (ya know the cardboard thingee?? I was cleaning the bathroom today.. NEXT to the trash can were 3 of them.. ok.. come on now.. NEXT to the trashcan??? argh). sorry back to Martha.. I know my kids would love fresh baked cookies and cakes and brownies every day (so would I, but the idea of changing my name to jumbo the elephant.. I am not so good with.. if i bake them. .i am going to eat them.. this isn't a question.. its a fact) i am not saying I dont cook a mean dinner... i do.. .last night I made Jessica Simpsons chicken and dumplings.. it was really good.. and so easy.. and while I think she has a great voice (Although makes weird faces when she sings), you have to question yourself and say "ok its Jessica simpson.. how complicated can it be?" i do have a plan to make banana bread today.. in the breadmachine. yea so what of it? its baking.. I just leave the mixing part to the machine. it still counts. I think Martha, Rachel Ray, and all those other lovely ladies who cook and clean are awesome.. but the fact is. i am not Martha or Rachel.. I am Tricia.. and i am ok with that. And yea my kids will never say "My mommy has the cleanest house on the block" I am ok with that too.. its not dirty.. its not messy.. its just a home. my home. and while yes, I would love some things to make it "Even homier" I am good with being me and leaving Martha to being Martha.

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