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Friday, September 26, 2008

baseball....and other events in our house

First of all let's start with baseball... before I mentioned AJ is a NY Mets fan.... what I didn't mention was I am as well.... well.... in true September fashion they are falling apart. It drives me insane.... they play like gangbusters and right when the playoffs are in sight.. BAM they screw up.. .and this year, sadly is no different... we had a good season... granted it wasn't great.. it was no 1986 but it was good.. then August hit.. then September hit and good season auto flushed... Fricking Mets... Fricking Phillies for playing well.. and Fricking Milwaukee Brewers just because... argh.... See you in April boys... try not to screw up next year ok?

My moms here, and I love her.. my kids love her.. they however do NOT love that she is a political junkie... the last time she was here was in time for the RNC, it is her Nirvana.. she LOVEs politics. ok so... she makes plans to come visit this weekend.. ya know the first debate...i am watching Good Morning America with Mary and they announce the debate and she says to me "DOES SHE PLAN THIS??" I laughed hysterically.

My brother Gregg drives mom down.. he will NOT come visit my house... ok. .I realize in the past my houses have not been lovely.. but dammit.. I love this house.. oh well his loss... :::Shrugs::: him and his nasty attitude can stay away... so hmph.

And now. .my cryptic message of the day... to the person who feels like she has MACK truck written on her forehead this week... it's gonna be alright.. and in case you wonder how I can say that..well because I can.. it will be ok. Pinky promise

ohhh and for the record.. after Chuck read my blog earlier today I got a text message that said "I love you and your right" consider that puppy LOCKED.. permanently.

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