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Sunday, September 21, 2008

This blasted economy.

I don't care personally who anyone is voting for.. I don't care and I won't bore you with who I am voting for. .we all have our reasons and thats just fine.. however.. .are we really supposed to believe anyone can fix this economy? No, i don't want to be rich, but damn. .it would be nice to think of Outback steakhouse and not think... "ohh but its so expensive" or telling the kids "you can order off the Mcdonald's dollar menu but the happy meal price is just too high right now"

We got paid a modest paycheck for the hours my husband worked at his part time job on Friday.. .by last night, it was gone. like the wind. Between gas coming in at $3.72 a gallon (am I the ONLY one who remembers it being under a dollar?? I swear it was 2001. Chuck and I were dating and I remember stopping in Richmond for gas and paying .99 cents a gallon.. WTF happened?) Its all so easy.. let's place blame.. screw blame.. Let's be realistic.. we are all broke. We are all broke and what is supposed to be fixable is NOT fixable. There isn't a big enough band aid to cover this. I am so insanely tired of being in a situation like this. I envy women who get their nails done.. I haven't had my nails done in forever. my husband works three jobs.. and i can't afford 20 dollars every two weeks? that makes no sense. And Yes, I know.. But you have six kids.. and? I don't splurge. I pay my bills. I get the groceries. I buy gas. and then I give up. I concede defeat Washington.. do you hear me? You win. Now fix this so I can get my damn nails done and be a girl again. So my kids can have the happy meal.. so life won't be so complicated. Just please do something. Before the financial depression gets worse and the once mighty USA becomes a third world contry..

ok. off my soapbox. for now... maybe.. ::picks it up, and moves it back into the house.. we may need to turn it into firewood in a few months:::::


My Three Sons said...

I only have 3 kids but I can feel your pain. I am regularly surrounded by moms who can spend $150+ to get their hair highlighted every 5-6 weeks yet I have to debate whether I should really spend $11 for the box of stuff to do it myself!!!

Shawna said...

I hear you sister! Forget getting my nails done! I'd just like to not feel sick to my stomach every time I buy groceries because I'm spending so much more. And now I take Kaya to McDonald's at non-meal times and just get ice cream or something. :(