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Thursday, September 25, 2008

so what do you do for a REAL job?

These were the words uttered to me by a neanderthal (man) at Walmart today. I was shopping with Emily getting supplies for my moms visit this weekend, and a few odds and ends because as Rodney Carrington says you can't get 800 feet into Walmart without needing a buggy. Ain't that that truth... anyways... so Mr Caveman approaches and strikes up a conversation while I am looking at pillows.. he says to me "Hey so have you ever tried herbal life? its a great weight loss tool" (strike 1) I said "I have heard of it, but I am not really interested.. I am doing something on my own" He says "well this really works, and if you like it you can sell it and it can make you money" (strike 2) I reply "no thanks" he says "well what do you do for a living?" I said "I am a Stay at home mom of six" he says "no I meant what do you do for a REAL job?" (strike 3) I walked away... because had I stayed he would have gotten an earful.. What do I do? Let's see.......

I am a maid, i clean the house daily, i pick up and put things in their place and i make sure things are tidy.. yea I don't put a mint on your pillow but damn... give me break.

I am a farmer... I clean up and slop the pigs (teenagers) daily. I do however refuse to clean their stalls.

I am a plumber... can I tell you how many times I plunge that toilet weekly?

I am a chef.. I cook each meal for the family, and when I don't cook i am at the very least a sous chef. I am involved.

I am a judge and jury when the court needs and will be executioner if I see fit.

I am an referee usually at a large sporting event scale too.. fists fly I am there

I am a medic.. I can slap a bandaid on a booboo in no time, fix a wound, and kiss a booboo

I am a psychologist.. whether its a broken heart, a situtation that needs mom, or anything else.. I am definitely someone who picks your brain..

and lastly......

I am a MOM, the pay isn't the best, but the benefits (kisses and hugs) can't be beat. So Mr Caveman..... what is my real job... a helluva lot more then you do in a day.

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