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Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday meanderings..

Monday morning always comes too soon, we get up and get moving without even so much as a good bye from half the house.. we always have the one person (kid or adult) who wakes up in a mood.. today I think it might be my turn. I am up.. I have already done my chores.. growled about various things (ok.. 1) why is it so hard to turn off a light when you leave a room?? 2) pick up your towel off the floor, sofa, or anywhere else.. its not my job unless you are under 4 to do so. 3) we all understand the need for breakfast... but how hard is it to run water in the cereal bowl. 4) monday morning attitudes.. i realize everyones life sucks in one way or another if someone says "Good Morning" try not to snarl. How hard is it to be nice? One bad attitude tends to mess up everyones day.

This week so far I have two IEP meetings (those are going to be fun with an 8 month old that has less then zero interest in sitting still anymore), I have to pay the bills (and cry), hopefully manage to get some stuff we need (necessities not niceties), and make my menus for the week... and hopefully this week stick to it. Its so hard to do that when half the time its easier to just have everyone fend for themselves. With the exception of Emily and David who um..can't do that just yet.

So i started thinking about the holidays today.. I know this christmas will be small, but i also know my kids well enough to know that three or four small things will mean as much as six or seven huge gifts. I luck out that I have excellent kids, they don't care about name brands or big fancy things all they want is to know they are loved. I am one of the lucky ones

So while today is Monday, I have decided that if I come to the end of my rope, I am going to tie a knot and hang on... :o)

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