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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturdays Samplings..

Woke up this morning at take Stephanie to a NJROTC event... this is the first one of the year and she was thrilled to go.. not so thrilled to have to compete against her old school. she will survive (At first she was afraid.. she was petrified...HA! i have one!! I had a song.. GOO ME!). I know she will do fine, and I know while her heart is for Heritage.. her mind is screaming Maury.

Last night our AC froze up.. I know in September it shouldn't matter.. except I personally feel that penguins should have a right to roam my house and ice skate whenever they want... you ask what does that mean? I love it cold.. i feel bad for my children in August as they walk around in winter clothes and as they talk watch the smoke come from their mouths.. why? because its so cold you can see your own breath. It never thrills them. and usually as soon as i leave they turn it off.. and then as I announce on my way home it goes back on.. well that plan backfired yesterday it was put down to 45 to cool the house faster. . um.. yea doesn't work that way.... so last night we had windows open and while there was an acceptable breeze.. it wasn't cool.. so Tricia didn't sleep...groans.


My cell phone main screen broke this morning.... growls... I went to Verizon Wireless prepared to be there til my 50th birthday and I was in and out in under an hour.. I had to look at the name of the building on the way out.. I didn't believe I was at Verizon and night in the twilight zone. Its working... .I am happy. :o)~ As is anyone else who 1) has to reach me and 2) would have to listen to me if it wasn't.

not to mention....

So the monthly visitor is here..... its not a friend.. its not an aunt.. its a visitor.. hate it. This months is brutal.. which I should have known it would be.. last month I had pain.. this month I have no pain but i have all the other crap that goes with it.

And ya know.. i have decided its time for someone I know to win the lottery.. so whoever wins it we wil all share ok? cause damn..

and lastly.

So Paul Newman died.. how sad. he was such a handsome man.... Rest in Peace.

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