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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Screams

I know that today is supposed to be a day of rest. Traditionally speaking. Unfortunately nobody told Emily. She got up at 1:45 AM... fun stuff. She got up, she took her bottle and paci and laid down between us (yea I know you arent supposed to do that... sue me). She then was up growling at us for the next few hours every few minutes. Mainly because she is cutting her 7th and 8th tooth and is just really moody. fun stuff.

Finally at 7 AM I got out of bed and headed into the kitchen to grab something to drinnk.. my throat was killing me. Argh. The fridge is dead. The light is on, but the fridge is warm. Fabulous. Some stuff was still cold but most of it we had to toss. Really Fabulous. Thank God we have another one in the garage we can use today, so it can be fixed on Monday... but damn. This did not thrill me to see. trust me. Plus the cost of having to replace food etc really sucks, and I realize that its really not that big of a deal.. we saved alot.. I am just moody.

I posted a blog yesterday about the magic of the season, clearly i am the only person who sees it. I was hopeful someone else would see that there is a magic in the air, but nobody commented. So I must be alone. I guess this world has changed when we were young, when magic still exsisted and people still realized it. Dont mind me. I am in a aggrivated mood today, but really doesnt anyone believe?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I believe!

I am not sure what it is about this time of year, the air is crisp and you can just feel that something is brewing. I don't know if its because its winter or if its because you know Santa is on the way. And I know that Santa is a myth, but think about it for a minute. Is he? We all anticipate his arrival, whether we are waiting for him or we are watching a little one wait. Christmas brings out the good in everyone, one way or another. Whether we see good behavior from every one we meet, someone does see it.

Christmas is magic, and sometimes it feels like the last of what we all have left that is magical.

When you hear the first Christmas song, you eat your first Christmas cookie of that season, that is magic

When you see a little one on Christmas morning run for their stockings, that is magic.

When you see the paper on the floor from everyone opening their new treasure, that is magic. Yes even that ugly shirt you got, as ugly as it is, someone put thought into that gift, and the time they spent was their magic contribution.

When you see a little one on Santa's lap, whether the expression is smile or scream (come on you know you have at least one picture on Santa's lap where you are convinced that beard is going to eat you) that moment is magic

When you are putting up the tree, and reliving each moment of the ornaments you have, that is magic. The lights on the tree, magic.

When you taste your first candy cane of the season, ( but seriously do we need 100 flavors of candy canes? what happened to the plain peppermint ones?) That is magic.

When you drive down the road and see the houses decked out in lights, and can smell the firewood burning in chimneys, that too is magic.

While I absolutely believe Jesus is the reason for the season, I do beleive in Santa Claus. No, I dont believe a Jolly old man with a nose like a cherry is going to come down my chimney, but i do believe that he certainly does exsist. And you cant take that away from me. So today, I leave everyone with homework... (ahh man. .I dont want to do it.. yea yea I know) If you believe in Santa Claus, leave me a comment.. loud and proud and comment back that you believe, because even if you dont believe in him, reassure me that someone else believes in the magic.

Friday, November 28, 2008

And so it begins......

With the close of Thanksgiving, the start of the Christmas season is upon us. I ventured out this morning, after I dropped Chuck off at work, there wasnt really many places I wanted to head but having six children I look for nice words like "buy one get one", Layaway, 50% off. They make me get all bubbly inside. So off I went to K-Mart which is not nearly as scarey as it always seemed in the 80's. To my surprise, I found alot more then I expectead and the cost didnt kill me. Thank God. Theres alot to be said for Black Friday and even though we had plans of getting up early, it just didnt happen.. mostly because we were both exhausted from yesterday. So while I know I probably missed alot of killer sales, life will go on. It seems most people are letting the sales go past today because this Christmas is make it or break it for a lot of those places. Its hard to believe that there are stores that have been open for over 30 years that this year is do or die. And while I am sad to see them go, I also dont have the liberty to spend money like a drunken sailor. I refuse to buy 800 gifts for my kids when I know that three or four each will do.

I do have to say though, Christmas does one of two things, it either brings out the best of people (the lady in line for layaway with me at K Mart gave me a hug good bye and told me to have a blessed Christmas, the man who got down the Pooh activity table because it was placed on a shelf that was about 10 feet OVER my head, and finally the person who told me to have a wonderful holiday season as we were both getting our tires fixed (fricking nails on country roads grrrr) or it bring out the worst of people (the guy who cut me off to get a parking spot that was two spots closer then the one i found. .way to go big guy. you win @@, or the lady who was fighting over a Elmo live with another lady and calling her things that would have made Chuck blush.. and hes a SAILOR! and finally the woman who called the house asking for Laveda. I am sorry theres nobody here by that name.... to which she said "girl dont play me..put that b*tch on the phone" ummm. Spirit of the season eh?? oh well.. hopefully everyone encounters the people with good spirit not bad.

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here.. last years sort of tanked.. BAD. I was in the hospital sick as a dog and contracting with Miss Emily.. by the time I got home all I could do was sleep and thats what I pretty much did for the next two days. So I am really hopeful this year is better, so far in its favor is 1)I am soo the polar opposite of pregnant and 2) I am about 99.999% sure I wont be in the hospital like that this year (hey I gotta leave that little percentage so Karma doesnt kick me in the teeth.. you understand). Right after Christmas Emily turns one. I have watched her coast all around the furniture today, and let go a few times. I just know she is going to be up and running in no time. NO FAIR!! She was supposed to take her time!! she's the last of the lot.. :::::sighs::: oh well it is fun to see her explore a new trick. So cute.

Ok I am off to baste the bird and to help emily explore WHY there is a big green bag in her living room (it has the Christmas tree in it lol) More tomorrow.. different blog time, same blog channel)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful. So very Thankful

First of all, I want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving, I hope your day has been as wonderful as ours has, and that you can honestly say you are thankful for more than just the pumpkin pie :o)~

We made a long journey.... and I mean long, as 1/4 of the way down the road we realized we forgot Emily's bottle and she was voicing her 2 cents about it, then the makeshift DVD player decided its job of entertaining the 4 year old was done for the day(yes, i am serious) luckily, a donut calmed David and Uncle G saved the day with a DVD player for the ride home.... whew!!!! then on the way home, David crashed even before the previews was over lol........ oh well Mary and Danny were happy,,,,,, and AJ well Steph left her ipod in the car and we know AJ and music loud as hell and annoying me.... not so much chuck because he's "his DNA " lol. Emily didn't make it out of the driveway before she was dreaming of sugarplum fairies, suffice to say Emily loved her first Thanksgiving , as she is a serious fan of food.

my brother Gregg text messaged me this morning and asked "are you coming???" I replied yes but dreading it. To my shock he showed everyone the text and made sure the day went well. I cant tell you how shocked I am that not one cross word was said , no feeling were hurt, and only moody children shed tears. I am so relieved that my family was able to act like we more then tolerate each other, that we love each other.. and in the end we realize we're all each other has. The last time my mother smiled that much at a holiday , my father was still alive..... that was over 9 years ago. Talk about your holiday present :)

As I close this blog for today, I again wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season. Today I am thankful for love that's still alive even after I thought it could never happen. I am still smiling.. awesome.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whats up Wednesday?

There are so many blogs that have different themed days, and really cute graphics to go along with it (note to self.. and mel.. put Mel to work making a "whats up Wednesday" graphic) The rules are simple, just tell me whats up in your world:

Whats up? Today we are getting all the prep work done for Thanksgiving. Does it amaze anyone else that so much work goes into one day of eating? I know its also all about the family, and I am mostly looking forward to that, but I am dreading the drive (six kids and us.. that sounds painful no?) We have so far done shopping, made two trays of mac and cheese and 3 trays of heavenly fudge. That would be just the prep work done.

Whats up? I am starting to panic about Christmas. I am not ready and I am not sure we will be ready. Part of me cares the other part is like oh eff it. They will have something under the tree and that is what matters. Its not about us, its not even about the gifts that matters, its about the kids, its about the spirit of the season, and that, is what I think we need to focus on. Someway.. somehow.

Whats up? I am so excited the Christmas season is upon us.. I know I complain about the financial aspect, but who doesnt love the sounds and sites of this season? The smells.. the food.. the friends.. the food.. the love.. the food (can you guys tell I skipped dinner?) I am delerious over Christmas. We will probably put up the tree this weekend.. although thats still up in the air.

Whats up? I am watching something that is foreign in my world.. my teenage daughter is cleaing up the stove. I would take a picture, but its like a deer, you dont want to frighten her, she might stop!! ooh wait.. shes not even using a dirty sponge.. she used the greenworks spray and papertowels.. ROCK on. I think I am proud.. sniffle.

Whats up? it amazes me that no matter how hard we work to get the house cleaned up in ten minutes a determined little girl can find the pieces of paper off the floor we missed. Or pull out all her toys. She's gifted... what can I say?

Whats up? I hope everyone out there has a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving, until next time with what I am thankful for. I am thankful for blogger because therapy is expensive and blogging is free. :o)~

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The camels back broke.....

If you have ever heard or even used the phrase, the straw that broke the camels back, it happened today for us. David went to school at 8:30 by 9:13 the school called. I got told he would not listen and walked out of his classroom (well, gee thanks thats the first time in 3 weeks anyone has even given me that much information). Chuck and I decided to pull him out of preschool, and I called back to talk to the vice principal who told me when we know whats wrong with David we can bring him back. Do what?? I said "oh so when YOU have a label and he is drugged up" she says no I dont advocate the use of drugs.. um ok. Then has the nerve to say "we want David in school" bad me. I laughed. OUT loud. I told her that I completely did NOT believe that. That the first response is to send him home, never to fix the situation or try and find a fix. Whatever... I am now ready to homeschool him. Prek is NOT required by VA state law, and while i would love for him to go.... At this time its better for him to be home.

We have to get ready for Thanksgiving tonight, this entails makin fudge, making sure we have everything to make mac and cheese and who knows what else. Usually the list of things I have to do is longer then the list of what I am able to do. My mom loves to give me the impossible items to find.. (todays adventure is to find scallop shells to make stuffed clams in.. pray for me). She figures that if anyone can find it, its me. I am good, but damn. Sometimes I wonder where this bag of tricks my mom thinks I have is. Oh well. I will survive.

Chuck looks like he will be moving to the nightshift in December, part of me is miserable to hear that, I love that we have meals together and are able to watch TV etc. And now that will be a thing of the past. I will miss the time we have together at night but I guess we will now have morning times. The bad part is, with the kids in school he will have very little interaction with them. This is a catch 22 as there is alot of reasons why this will be a good move, but also i would be lying if I said I cant find some cons to go with the pros. Sadly we will never have another dinner together... Monday through Friday is the day job, Saturday and Sunday he works night shift at the video store. So much for family time. And that makes me sad. While I do think it will work out ok for him, I am sad for us. I know hes surprised reading this, and I am sure I will get past it.

Ok off to my mile long list.. back tomorrow. ooh wait.. today I am Thankful for the food we eat, the roof over our heads and the clothes on our backs.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not me Monday

Aaaaahhh another episode of Not Me Monday. This is therapry that is cheap.. so here we go:

I did NOT debate whether medicating David would be the best thing for him and us because he just cant seem to behave. Even though I have sworn I would never be a parent that medicates for ADHD.

I did NOT complain about the things I dont have before I read someone's post about the things they don't have.

I did NOT yell out loud "Ok God I hear you" as i replied to the lady who needed a Thanksgiving miracle because I realized even when my days are dark they aren't that bad.

I did NOT just watch David wipe cheetos on the dog rather then go get a napkin..

I did NOT use the phrase "David dont bite the dog" a few days ago either.

I did NOT just post two blogs in my nightie because I STILL havent showered.. i know i am know I am going. ok?

I did NOT hit post and casually stand up and race to the shower before someone catches me in my nightie.. (like you guys can see inside my screen.. and if any of you can. gee I am sorry about the counters. I plan to do those soon)

Just another manic Monday

I wake up every Monday and think the same thing.. oh damn.. the weekend is over, it blew past too fast like all the others before it. Oh well. I get up ok.. I sit up.. I dont get out of bed until I know my choices have come to a halt and either I a) get out of bed or b) try and parent a wiggly 10 month old from my bed.. yea thats not happening. I get up, I make my bed, I find the way to the potty, I take care of things and get dressed. After David and Mary are shooed to the bus, I then welcome into my world the beloved cup of coffee that increases my life force from near dead to alive and kicking. Emily and I will eat breakfast and then she will get down to play until she takes her morning nap, shes my first baby who can get up at 730 and nap by 9:00 or 9:30. I greet my good morning friends (Regis and Kelly, Rachel Ray
(I am so tellling you if she and I met we would SO hit it off), and then the ladies on the View who I watch until they start behaving like cats) Usually they are on in the background as I run through the house cleaning things up, putting on laundry, and trying to figure out what is for dinner (it sounds so much easier then it ever is...usually I stare at the freezer and fridge and go through in my mind what we ate the days and weeks before, because ya know after awhile its like gee how many different ways can you make a porkchop? We run through the daily routine by 12 or 1230 David arrives home unless the school calls.. (sighs.. that would be the case today....he is a pill. He does know how to behave, he just lately cant see to remember how. That boy is a teenager in a toddler body). We will work on his homework .. yes in preschool.. homework. He loves doing it. The thing is, I think he may be acting out because hes bored. He knows the work, and has grasped it quickly he just doesnt like rules.. and frankly, he has boundaries at home and hes going to have to realize he has boundaries at school too.. grr. We wait for the older kids to get home and then we have the same boring ordinary day as everyone else does. Our life is busy and manic but its our life. Between the daily routines of work, school, meals, time together, and other activities we keep busy from sun up to well past sun down. No wonder i am so tired eh?

I decided today that even though we are having our issues (that mighty sucky dollar), that we had to do something for someone else. A lady posted a wanted ad on Craigslist looking for help with Thanksgiving dinner... we went on Saturday to BJs and got alot of extras because we buy in bulk, I am going to give her the fixing and sides for dinner, and we are going to see what we can do to help with a turkey. I just feel like maybe Karma will stop kicking me in the cosmic tail if we pay our good fortune forward, we may not have designer clothes, but we have food. we may not have a mansion, but we have a house. We may not live in a tropical enviorment, but we have heat. Instead of spending so much time thinking of what we dont have, perhaps its time to think of what we do have. We have a lovely house in a lovely area. We no longer fear gunshots when we open our door. We no longer wonder and worry if someone is going to rob us when we go to our car or if God forbid kill us for the measley dollar we have in our pocket. While i claim I have no faith, its not that I don't have faith, I do. I am just angry with God. (we have been through this before) I will say maybe its time for me to call a truce. Maybe we need to make up and be friends again. Its not easy to be angry all the time, maybe i need to stop. One step at a time eh?

I am going to end this blog and all the blogs this week by telling you one thing I am thankful for. Today I will say I am thankful for my family and my friends for it is the love of each of you that I keep going and with a thankful heart its easy to do so.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunshiney Sunday

Greetings on a lovely, albeit it FREEZING cold Sunday. I didn't get a tons of sleep last night and I was up early, but I am wide awake.. for me that is scary. And so not normal. Ok it could be the Mocha latte I had this morning..or it could just be adrenaline. Thanksgiving is four days away, and as much as I dread the drive I am genuinely looking forward to a family holiday. We are going to my brother Mikes house it appears as if the family has started to act human..which is always a bonus. oh and I plan on seriously overloading the members of the family in the car with TONS of Christmas music...YAY! I love Christmas music!! Thats probably the reason why I am not bummed about it going from warm to cold so fast.. it makes it feel like Christmas really is coming. I <3 the holiday season. We may be broke and we may be struggling to figure out how to make this years holiday work, but bellieve me when I say I cant wait for it. and BRING it on!!

Chuck is at drill today, he has his change of command and has to wear his dress blues. May I say there is nothing sexier then a man in his dress blues Navy uniform. Oh how I love that uniform. The poor man. Good thing he has to work today after drill :oX. He had his physical this morning for his hearing test.. he does have a problem hearing.. see and I thought it was selective hearing.. I asked him if I should start using sign language with him he replied "I have a sign for you" gee I wonder what he ever meant lol. He may drive me crazy but I love him.. God help me.. but i love him. :o)~

I have decided when I grow up, I want to be someone with a bankable talent. While being a mother is wonderful, and I wouldnt trade a minute, I am so tired of being in the poorhouse. While we have things we need, the bills are paid, the family is fed, its hard to do something as simple as go get dinner without feeling guilty for spending a measley 25 dollars on a buffet meal. I have spent the past few days beating myself out for our anniversary date, while I know we needed it and it so had the desired effect, I also am a firm believer that if you are a grown up, you should have to pay rent, you should have to pay utilities etc. I am sad to say, there are too many people I know who don't see or understand how good they have it.. and while they may not have space of their own, and they may have to endure things that aren't ideal, they are living rent free, whether it be their choice or the person who's not charging them. To me, if you occupy a space, you should help pay for your space. Nobody over 18 deserves a free ride, no matter who they are. Just my 02 cents.

Alright I am off to load up the MP3 with christmas carols.. more tomorrow. I am sure a different blog time but same blog channel...again.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spirit of the season

The holiday season is upon us I know because I got my annual phone call from my mother this morning informing me the family is fighting. Which is extremely ridiculious. At least three times she will call me and tell me she is not coming to Thanksgiving or she is not having Christmas. In the end, it will happen. But.. the fact of the matter is, this is a usual occurance. People who are supposed to love each other, people who are supposed to care about hurting feelings, seem to always hurt each other more at this time of the year.. I so badly want to tell them to eat a candy cane, drink some egg nog, hell date a ho (hell date 3.. that way you have ho ho ho sorry spirit of the season got carried away).. but for God's sake STOP fighting. ARGH. The worst part is 200 miles away there is very little I can do, other then pacify mom with the "it will be ok" and tell my brother to stop being an ass... hopefully just maybe we can do it.

So, Chuck and I went to dinner last night at the first dinner date place we ever had down in Norfolk. We ate at China Garden, and it was really good.. the heartburn at 3 AM.. no so much. Then we went to go see Twlight. I expected to like the movie, but I totally didnt expect to love the movie. The storyline is as good as everyone has said, and I told Chuck I am on Team Edward. lol. Robert Pattinson does a very good American accent, which you know after watching the guy who plays Jason Stackhouse on true blood go from british to southern makes me wonder if English people just talk with the accent when an American is around :o).. its a ploy to make us think they talk different... fakers!!

I found Emily the CUTEST pink winter hat.. sad to admit I found it at the dollar store, but its soo cute and she is just darling in it. Chuck asked me how we have such a cute kid... I told him "I incubate well". haha

Ok time to go make the grocery list and get things going today... more tomorrow.. same blog time.. same blog channel.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Christmas Survey Blog...

Okay, here's what you're supposed to do, and try not to be a SCROOGE!!! Just copy (not forward) this entire blog and paste into a new blog to post. Change all the answers so that they apply to you. Then post this so a whole bunch of people you know realize its ok to be holly and jolly this year, Tis the season....

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping paper with the gift tags, and usually a bow or two.

2. Real or artificial tree? Artificial.. but only because I hate stepping on the needles and cursing abbout what a piece of @#)%@*@ the tree is.

3. When do you put up the tree? The Weekend after Thanksgiving sometimes later... this year who knows? I got a tree off of freecycle but I dont think we have any ornaments yet.. and Emily needs her baby first Christmas ornament.

4. When do you take the tree down? Day after Christmas if I am fed up with looking at it.. New Years eve if not.. one of these days i am gonna do the tree i want.. go to the ABC store put a bunch of airplane size bottles on the tree and have a tree taking down on New Years Eve.. whatever you take down you drink.

5. Do you like eggnog? I drink probably two glasses a year its good. .smells great.. but too thick

6. Favorite gift received as a child? Barbie dream house with all the furniture, I am 99% sure the angels sang when I got it.

7. Hardest person to buy for? My brother Mike

8. Easiest person to buy for? Mom or Chuck

9. Do you have a nativity scene? no... i need one and want one but I don't have one. Hell we dont even have ornaments.. we sort of had to toss alot when we moved.. long story.

10. Mail or email christmas cards? I send a Christmas letter every year via email

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? GW gave me this sweatsuit that even barney the dinosaur would have looked at and said "damn". it was bad.. really really bad.

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? Christmas Shoes, White Christmas and any of the Santa Clause movies. ooooh and who can forget the Grinch? the cartoon and Jim Carrey one.

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Black Friday. normally.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Yes but usually to my daughter and she knows.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? pumpkin pie and sugar cookies oh and I LOVE big fat candy canes

16. Lights on the tree? the more lights the happier the Tricia

17. Favorite Christmas song? Christmas Eve in Washington, and "the gift" and the friendly beasts

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? I go home to my mmom and family

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer' s? I guess Sneezy, Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Bashful, Happy and Doc is wrong? serioiusly its Dasher,Dancer,Prancer, Vixen,Comet, Cupid,Donner and Blitzen…and um Rudolph, we are however still unsure who ran over Grandma and nobodys talking..

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Angel..

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? Christmas eve for the family exchange... kids are the morning

22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? The hustle and bustle without the smiles. forgetting what Christmas is.. I loathe when people write X-Mas.. keep CHRIST in Christmas

23. Favorite ornament? The Disney World one if I still have it.. and my pooh and Tigger one.

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner? we do prime rib or filet mignon at my moms

25. What do you want for Christmas this year? I don't know that I do want anything this year... I want ornaments for my tree.. but that is before Christmas.

26. Who is most likely to respond to this? Hopefully a few people.. but who knows

27. Who is least likely to respond to this? hmm I dunno.

7 years and 2 kids ago......

That was when I met Chuck face to face after years of talking online...yes we are one of those couples who met online... most of the time we are a success story but there are days.. kidding. Today is our anniversary. And I still get butterflies when I see him, I sill giggle over text messages, I sill roll my eyes when he makes goofy comments, but all in all, I am still happy. We have added to our already expansive family, David (aka Rocky.. who got sent home AGAIN today because he behaved like an animal) and Emily (the first girl in his family in 7 generations). Our family is complete, we live in a nice house, and our family is for the most part happy. Happy Anniversary Tigger.. heres to many more!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sometimes people rock more then they suck

Lisa one of my wonderful fellow January Mommy's and a blogger of three handsome boys, gave me an award this week for having a funny blog.. and it touched my heart, and i should ahev mentioned it before, and because i didn't I am sorry.

Then Rebel who posts a blog about her struggles with conceiving baby 2, baby 1 was born in January with Emily... sadly we live close to each other and still haven't met.. some day girl!! well she bestowed me with this award tonight!!! :o)~

The rules are a little different this time around.....Answer the following questions with single word responses. Then pass on the award to 7 other bloggers: There was no way to stick to the one word rule!!

1. Where is your cell phone? Beside Me

2. Where is your significant other? driving

3. Your hair color? Brownishreddish

4. Your mother? Alexandria

5. Your father? Heaven :o(

6. Your favorite thing? chocolate

7. Your dream last night? Happy

8. Your dream/goal? Happiness

9. The room you’re in? Den

10. Your hobby? Blogging

11. Your fear? too many

12. Where do you want to be in six years? Right here

13. Where were you last night? Home

14. What you’re not? Rich

15. One of your wish list items? financial freedom

16. Where you grew up? All over

17. The last thing you did? IMed Erica

18. What are you wearing? Shorts and T-shirt

19. Your T.V.? ER

20. Your pet? Lily

21. Your computer? HP

22. Your mood? concerned

23. Missing someone? always

24. Your car? Town and Country

25. Something you’re not wearing? bra

26. Favorite store? Wal*Mart

27. Your Summer? Hot

28. Love someone? Totally

29. Your favorite color? purple

30. When is the last time you laughed? often

31. Last time you cried? Today

Now I am passing this on to the following people:

1. Mel

2. Lisa

3. Nikia

4. Stephanie

5. Amanda

6. Kristine

7. Chucky

now there are some of you who I don't expect to do this, but i hope you do, and as for Rebel, I would so have linked you but you already gave it to me.

Day 7: the return of the Normal.

Normal in our world, that is. The ex and his girlfriend left today, I find that in the end we all survived, from the animals to the humans. And that my friends works out, quite nicely. I have a bizarre relationship with my ex, while he drives me insane for the most part we get along. Although, now when I look at him its one of those "what did i ever see in you?" things. which is sad.. but true. Its not that he's a bad guy, he's not.... he's just well.. ya know the kid in kindergarten who pulls the little girls ponytails and says nananeebooboo..yea thats him.. in a big body. He is Peter Pan, although I will say when he does finally fully grow up, I think he will be just fine.

So my mom called with our Thanksgiving assignment, I have been told to make a roaster pan of mac and cheese. Apparently, mom likes mine best.. woohoo. Go me. But I have to tell you seriously....I don't think of mac and cheese when I say Thanksgiving. i think mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, ham, broccoli casserole (this is just sex in casserole form) turkey, ham and of course pumpkin pie!!! So mac and cheese sounds out of place, but we are going to go my brothers house, with his in laws and our family.. 28 people in one house. I will accept any prayers ANYONE has to offer that I survive... please. Pretty please?

Ok would the person who told my 10 month old she could grow up please kiss my big white.... anyways. she is now all over the place. She is crawling, pulling up, toddling, getting into trouble (nothing more fun then chasing down a 10 month old who is determined that the snack bowl belongs to her... ya know the one on the floor....that has those little hard morsels and the CAT eats out of it.. fun fun fun. Earlier today, it was a race to the bowl, and I am proud to say I won. of course the toilet paper in the bathroom race.. I lost and she successfully TPed herself. Fab.

It is 6 PM and time to eat dinner, I will be back tomorrow at my early blogging time. So that way I can prevent the "No blog?" text messages.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 6: Demons and Dogs

The company is here for one more day, I think in the grand scheme of things I can say I survived the visit. Both of them. Totally unscathed. Then my mom called me... relax Chuck.. she said Mrs Jones (moms BFF) wants to come down with her and stay for five days.. relax Chuck...I snorted....Mom said she told Mrs Jones she just got back and didn't think it was a good idea.. :::whew:::: but for the record when she first said it I was ready to book a hotel room.. for me! don't get me wrong.. Moms visits are always nice.. but.. Mrs Jones.. the best way to explain her is to say that when I was 18 years old she told me it was time to bed when she was visiting my parents. Yea right. HAHAHA. Yea I am not kidding. she's a piece of work, but she has always been there for my mom, and I do think she is very nice.. just unique.

You have to be sort of curious as to the title demon and dogs..well its Chucks fault. he suggested it as I was telling him about two events of my morning.. the first being that less then an hour into Rocky's day at school hew as sent home because he decided to feel the need to act like a jerk in class and "can not control himself today" Fab. I swear he is going to be the poster child to legalize child abuse if he doesn't cut it out... I am kidding. I can count on my hand how many times I have popped my kids .I don't hit. i am loud.. I yell. :o)~ But there are DAYS.. let me tell you. Anyways Rocky is home now, and has already been informed "wait til your father gets home"

So then as I am telling him the story, Lily is at the back door waiting to come in, I open the door and she drops at my feet a present. Gulp. I look down its a skull. No not human, we don't live in Newport News anymore. It appears to be from a squirrel (too bad that the animal skull and penis collector from My big redneck wedding doesn't live near by huh?) Anyways I tell the Great white and brown hunter that while it is a sweet gesture, its best to leave these things in the yard, she picks up and trots off. I am almost afraid to see the next gift.. gulp.

I am nursing a miserable sore throat that appears to be going around the house.. I have it.. Chuck just got over it.. Emily has it.. The kids have had it. and now Mel has it. Hey at least we can't be accused of not sharing right? damn. I am off to drink my sugar cookie tea and wish Emily would nap. Please oh please oh please.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 5......The pinched heiney and other things

Sometime this weekend, we landed up getting a hairline crack on the toilet seat... fabulous. In 24 hours, it grew from a hairline to a pinching demon that envied only a crab. Anyone who sat down to do their business got the business end of the pincher.. and ya know by 9 PM last night I was kind of tired of having my rear end pinched.. so off to Walmart Chuck went to get a toilet seat. He finds a cushioned seat, and we are all quite happy that we went from getting ready to divulge any secrets to the toilet seat prison guard, to a soft cushiony spot to sit and do the deed. Kudos to Chucky for getting the good seat!!

Today is day five of the company, and I have discovered this has been a positive visit for the following reasons. 1) I like Sarah she is very sweet and she helped Stephanie with home work last night. 2) GW has helped fixed some things so that has been nice and 3) I don't have to cook tonight beause they are ordering pizza. awesome.

How do you explain to a 11 year old that you don't have to touch your boobs just because you are wearing a bra that accents that you are budding? Mary is driving me insane, she has a bra on that gives her... well more then she has.. you gotta love bras that are so padded they make even an 11 year old look like she could take someone out from across the room. Anyways she keeps touching the girls.. so suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Oh wait it gets better she is wearing a tshirt that says "better then a boy"... good thing they don't make boxers for boys that say "Better then a girl" eh? then we would NEVER have socks clean :oX.

On that note.. time to post the blog and go back to being congested and blah. more later.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday

I didn't wake up today and hit the snooze alarm four times because i didnt want to get up.

I didn't think of every easy dinner i could think of so i didnt have to cook tonight.

I did NOT buy Emily a pair of pink pjs with butterflys on them just becuase they were soo cute and she had to have them.

I did NOT flip someone the bird in traffic because she honked at me because i was waiting for a duck to get across the street

I did NOT let my oldest stay home today because as much as she "needed" an MH day I needed one more.

I did NOT write this blog for the soul purpose of getting it all out just so i feel better but it worked :o)

Day 4....sickness is for sissies

And apparently I am the queen of sissies. My head hurts, my nose is congested, my throat hurts, and I just want to be in bed.. but no I had to go to the doctor because I had to have my boobies looked at. I have a boobie ball.. ok its a few balls.... I knew it was nothing, but have convinced myself it was something horrific and I was dying, because that is what mothers of six do... we overeact. Hey i put the Ma in Drama. :o) You figure out you are dying and start making out your mental will.. the people you would bequeath things to..We will get to that list in a minute.. but first of all lets cover the more important things.. the boobie issue is simple.. I have an infection of the milk duct and apparently a pretty high pain threshold because I didn't even know I had it... what cracks me up is 1) I didn't/don't breastfeed and my boobs got infected and 2) the only person who has touched them recently hasn't sucked on them for long periods of time.. ahem. I know I know TMI.. my blog. .deal with it. Anyways I received a needle and I should be on the mend in no time. Hey if nothing else it will do wonders for the sinus infection eh? I also have a stern warning if I see anything green emerge from the girls again to not wait... do not pass go.. go directly to the doctors office. aye aye captain!

So today has been pretty adventureless. .I went to the doctor, ooo wait i slept til 10.. that was sort of hot. GW since getting the job with home depot has become Mr Fix it, and he fixed the springs on my couch, and made a make shift yard for Lily.. which in Lily's mind now makes him the God of Dogs. this will change shortly though, one of the kids will drop a swedish meatball tonight, and alas his title will shift from God to "Rocking Dude" alas dogs like humans are fickle. I have to say this visit where visits with the ex husband goes has been nice, he likes the house. I like that he likes the house, and sort of have the woohoo maybe he'll come visit and keep the kids for a weekend so Chuck and I can escape.. hey a girl can dream.

Friday is my anniversary with Chuck. We can't do anything for it this year as money just doesn't allow. That sort of sucks. I will say though, I love that I can still see him and get butterfllies even after all these years. I love that he is still one of my favorite reasons I wake up each day.

Ok so seriously or not so seriously.. with the boob issues and the "what would i give someone to remember me" I tried to make a mental list, and sadly I discovered my legacy isn't long enough for a list.. so sorry you all are stuck with me.. so there :oP

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 3.. Sunday.

Today is supposed to be a day of rest.. um no. we barely slept again last night, and sadly it made both Chuck and i a bit grouchy. There is very little you can do for a little girl who is just miserable and climbing the walls because she's JUST not happy... My mother finally asked me tonight "do you think it could be an ear infection" duh. I am a moron. We got her the hemeopathic Ear drops from Rite Aid and I am happy to report we have a much different little girl on our hands. I am hopeful she will remain this way.. and feel sort of stupid that I missed it in the first place.

Today was a very quiet day in the house of us, we cleaned up (the usual), made meals (the usual), watched movies (You've got mail for the 8 billionth time..although my mother had never seen the whole movie and when Kathleen closed up Shop around the corner she says "aww they can end it like that" we were like umm mom. .they didn't.. lol. It was kind of funny. We watched a bunch of movies this weekend and I will say a afew things:

1) Across the Universe- what I have watched of it so far, is really good.. (Yea yea I know Chuck I don't play fair...I put it on this morning to wake him up.. its his favorite movie)

2) Kit Kitteridge- what a great movie.. Abigail Breslin isnt annoying yet ala Dakota Fanning... cute movie, great cast, sweet story

3) Made of Honor--Mcdreamy.. enough said..yum-o

4) Miss Pettigrew lives for a day- I wasnt sure I would like this.. I was wrong.. really cute..very campy. but really cute.

All in all we have had a nice weekend, mom is home safe and sound and I am still hopeful I will survive. ::::cue the music::::

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 2.. Saturday...

Saturday night Fever brings on a whole new meaning when you have a 10 month old who has a low grade fever due to two stubborn little teeth that are making her life hell. My poor baby is so miserable. :o( I did notice two of the seven she is cutting have made their way up through the gums.. thank heavens!!! I do know she is starting to recover.. she is not as moody as she has been but stile not 100%. More like stuff eh?

So the company is going rather well. GW has found a very nice girl although i think she has said maybe 30 words to me.. mostly she is very quiet, although she has won the kids over nicely... the boys love video games as does she. Mary seems to like her quite a lot too, and while I am not sure what Stephanie thinks i haven't heard anything bad.. and if it was bad.. I would most definitely know.

My mothers visit has been nice, she always sort of makes me feel like things will be ok, even when the sky is gray and gloomy. I certainly do miss her when she is home, and i love having her here, although she does pluck my nerves a little bit. We did go get our nails done today and we do hang out, and that is so nice. Truth be told.. as much as I was a daddy's girl, I am still a mommy's girl too.

Our AC in our van broke. ugh.. I am so bummed. . No idea how long it will take to get it fixed....or if we will even be able to get it fixed. . I am so irked. I feel like we have a kick me sign on us... and I am so tired of it.. the damn thing is still blowing but its NOT cold. I have this AWFUL feeling its the compressor which will be just short of an arm and a leg to fix.

Ok time to do dinner.. the natives are getting restless......

Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 1.. the company has arrived.

Ok.. day one.. they are all here.. I think my neighbors must think a) someone died b) someones getting married or c) We are trying to see how many people we can fit in the house, sort of like clowns and cars. So far so good, I think we all will survive. If nothing else, I will just kill the bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream and forget they exsist kidding!! sort of.. Hey wait... Mel mentioned passionfruit vodka in the last comment... I think I need to find her.. and it. .like.. SOON. (Yes, should leave it. and if she does Yes, Tricia there IS a Santa Claus).

Mom took Chuck and I out to Logan's last night and we had our fabulous waitress Marie. I have to tell you, we have seen this woman three times, and everytime she is just more charming then the last.. it could be that she's happy to see us.. or just REALLY happy to see Mom's tip.. Ok it might be both, but Marie is one of those bubbly waitresses you meet and when she says "Have a nice day" you know there is no gun to her head to say it. Unlike say.. the waiter we had at Applebees today. Which btw was so horrifically bad I am not sure I will ever go back there.... either for the food or service. .. .blech. .oh crap.. just outed myself.. Yes Chuck, Mom took me to Applebee's.. trust me.. you didn't miss a thing.. next time I'll eat the lint and tic tac in the bottom of my purse instead... blech! Plus he was just not friendly.. we saw him like three times the entire meal. On our bill Mom gave him a $5 tip.. She's generous.. I would have left him pennies.. in the bottom of the soda glasses.. Jerk.

Emily is feeling crappy.. shes all congested and miserable and grouchy.. and that makes me crappy and miserable and grouchy.. Chuck's got the congested part.. Poor guy.. :o( And ya know.. most men are such babies when they are sick, he is such a trooper he has went to work daily, and not complained. I am hoping he can sleep in some tomorrow and at least MOSTLY recover from whatever this is that is kicking his tush.

Ok GW (the EX) is making chicken wings.. not too many.. JUST 19 lbs. Yep I said 19 lbs. So if your in Norfolk, drop on by for a wing or two... pounds.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

hahaha your kidding right?

Yea that was my response last night..... when my mother called and said to me:
"Is your life confusing enough?" I was almost afraid to answer but I said "yes" she laughed and said "its about to get more confusing" oh good because I thought the boob issues I am having, the ex husband coming, the money issues that are making us always tight, and the neverending circle we can't find the exit out of was enough, but hey if you think I need more.. bring it on!! i am tough.. right? I mean I can take another hit right I reply through a tremendously large gulp "hows that?" She snickers and says "Gregg wants to come down this weekend, which means i am coming.. to stay with you" . "Haha your kidding. right?" I hear nothing but silence on the end of the line. "mom?" She replies back "We'll be down tomorrow night" gulp. I love my mother, my mom is awesome. My ex husband does not share my love for my mother. I guess to say they don't see eye to eye would be a good way of putting it, but also WAY too nice. This is gonna be fun.. sure it is. I then called my ex husband to tell him my mother was coming, to which he immediately got pissy "Well what are we supposed to do sleep in her car?" Ok seriously.. he told me when they were originally coming that the girlfriend was going to stay in a hotel.. .(yes I know.. your having your ex husband, his new girlfriend AND your mother in the house? yes.. I know. .I am mental. The thing is he and i MOSTLY get along.. if he becomes a tool, I'll tell him so.. I am not shy. Its one of my more redeeming qualities. so I am told. So my house this weekend is my mother, my ex husband, his girlfriend and lots and lots of alcohol...or to make it less obvious we will just drink, I'll just keep adding baileys to my coffee cup and did I mention at least at one point during the weekend both Mel and Nikia will be MIA from me.. Nikia up working in NOVA, and mel at a girls night thing. They better BOTH have their phones on them.. lol.

OOOO but I did have a rather productive conversation with my brother Gregg... he and i don't get along too great.. but hopefully he listened and we can start working on it.. I won't hold my breath yet.. but we did take a positive step and he is going to come over and finally see my house. hey its a baby step, but you gotta crawl before you walk, or so they say.

Ok I am off to get some running around done, ya know the stuff that you always do right before the company gets there..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happiness is......

Happiness is seeing the face of your son on the morning of his 14th birthday, smile and say "Good morning MOM" because he's the kid who has to say hi first.. every day. Happy Birthday AJ. Life became so much sweeter the day you were born! Every mom knows her children are special, and every mom knows that their kid swings the moon, but not every mom can say "My kid not only swings the moon, he gets a homerun each time"

Happiness is watching Emily become independent, but then its also sad. She's my last baby, and I love her discovering things, like when she pulled up in the crib, my first thought was go BABY!! then it was NO don't do that... stop.. i am not ready for that. Sighs.. they grow up too fast. But Gosh its neat to watch them discover things.

Happiness is Nikia.. who went to her freezer last night and gave me a whoppie pie. I so her. Chuck made me a nice cup of my sugar cookie tea.... mmm.. so good.. and its gonna snow!! he gave me the Nintendo DS to play my game. WOW! I felt like it was MY birthday. :o)~ (ok you two.. shout outs accomplished... )

Happiness is NOT the period that arrived and has me dying to go back to bed.. Happiness is NOT getting a TEXT that Rocky was bad in school. Happiness is NOT hearing that one of AJs gifts is on backorder and won't make it on time. :o( Happiness is NOT AOL being difficult. Happiness is NOT watching idiots on Craigslist flag Nikias post offering a free Christmas dinner. Happiness is NOT reading a friends blog about her troubles with having a baby and the ache I have in my heart for her. I suck because I have always taken advantage how easy it is for me to have a baby. so happinesss is NOT me for taking advantage of something that is so hard for so many people.

Happiness is hearing a little girl wake up from her nap, so therefore its time for me to go!!! I will write more soon!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today's blog is a shout out. Yes. .a shout out thank you card of sorts. Thanks to my husband who serves his country in the United States Navy. Thanks to my father who served his country for 32 years in the United States Army. Thanks to my father in law who served his country for 27 years in the United States Air Force. Thanks to any American who has put the uniform on, who has fought for us, kept us safe, and worked even when they didn't want to. Thanks to the ones who has missed birthdays, holidays, births of their children, and any other event at home while they were away. Thanks to the ones who have become injured in the line of duty, who have went to work sick, and thanks to the ones who gave their lives for us. Thanks to the guys who say goodbye to their loved ones even when they don't want to, who answer the call even when they want to hang up. Thanks to our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard. Thank you for doing what many say is easy but few know how hard it is.

And while we thank the members of the Armed Services, we also need to thank the wives, husbands, girl friends, boy friends, parents, children and anyone else who holds down the fort at home. Thanks to the women who have given birth without their husbands, who have made sure Santa Claus arrived even when the spirit of their season was thousands of miles away, to the daddys who have fed the baby in the middle of the night while their wife was overseas serving her country, to the grandparent who has become a parent again so their child could serve their country and they have taken on the role of support beam for their grandchild.

To anyone I forgot to thank. If you have saluted the flag, lit a candle, said a prayer, donated some time, given so freely of yourself to say Thanks, then I thank you. Thank you for realizing that while freedom is amazing, freedom doesn't come free. We have the most amazing country, while its a little bruised and battered now, our military stands tall. Thanks to everyone who gave some, but special thanks to the ones who gave all.

I have to also send out a thank you to someone else. Thank you to the police officers who make our areas a little safer, sometimes at the risk of their own lives. Thanks to the fire fighters, who fight fires that we could never dream of fighting. Thanks to the EMT's who are the ones who fight to make sure you have another day, when sometimes all hope is lost. Thanks to the guys who don't get thanked. Thank you from those of us who remember and are grateful you are there, even if sometimes we forget to say it.

And while it may be politically incorrect to some, we are after all one Nation under God, and may God Bless America.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Not me Monday...

There is a lady who has a LOVELY blog, I really enjoyed reading it today well one of her topics is Not Me Monday and I have decided to participate:
I did NOT procrastinate pulling something out for dinner tonight because I really don't want to cook.
I did NOT audibly whine about what I don't have, when I should be grateful for what i do have. A wonderful family and great friends.

I did NOT take five minutes and feel just a little sad that my brother David died 11 years ago today, and wish once again that he was still here.
I did NOT ignore my normally drama queen daughter when she said she didnt feel good to find out she has a fever.. oops
I did NOT take too long reading blogs and message boards today when i had plenty of other things I could and should be doing
I did NOT secretly enjoy that Mel came home from work sick today, not because she's sick but because the woman is a workaholic and needs a day.. BAD.
I did NOT wish Nikia would make more whoppie pies because PMS is here and I need the chocolate before someone gets hurt
And finally
I did NOT make a face of dread that my DH brought home a pumpkin for David and I to make pumpkin pie.. ugh... pumpkin pies are so much easier to make with the can stuff. ;o)~ but hey at least they had fun.
That was fun!! have a nice day!!!

its nice to be important, but more important to be nice

These are words to live by, and words that I think everyone should have engraved in their mind forever. Case in point, I called the Cable company today, the person there was delightful, she didn't act like most over there like she hates her job, she was friendly and helpful and genuinely nice. I explained that with our pay day, payment by the 10th is damn near impossible and she fixed it for us, and we changed it to a later date. I am tickled. I still have cable... I can keep on blogging... and ya know that makes me smile ;o)~ One of the questions they ask is "what is your last four digits of your social" So I gave them and she asked for permission to access the account, for the sake of asking, I asked if anyone has ever told her no. she told me they get that ALL the time. I said really and she said yea that people will want help but not want to give their information... umm... hello? They gave it when they set up the account. But she was genuinely friendly and even told me have a nice day! You hardly ever hear anyone say that nowadays. I am telling you this world needs to be forced to get up and eat a piece of chocolate every day just so their day starts right. ;o)~

I have encountered more then my share of Walmart cashiers who you just wanna ask "Damn do you hate your job that much?" And then you get the question on that little scren "did your cashier greet you" yes she acknowledged I was breathing. did you she want to? I don't think so. And then I was always taught to say "have a nice day" on the way out the door... I would say 6 out of 8 people say it back and have even been mmm hmmmed. are you kidding? Its nice to be important! but more important to be nice!

Keeping up the niceness theme.. GW and Sarah arrive on Friday....I am hopeful this will be a good visit. One I think it will be good for the kids but also I really do want to meet his girlfriend. I guess we will see how it goes. I will just have to smile and hope he doesn't show up with the same tude he had last time :::cringes:::: although i think our living enviorment will certainly help with that. We have moved from the most Ghettofabulous house in the world to a really nice house in a good neighborhood. But anyways.. be nice.. PRAY for me :o)~

And again, continuing with the niceness theme, the start of the christmas season is upon us. (yea i know "THANKSGIVING?!?!" but trust me its about time... and in the spirit of the season I have seen more scrooges then Spirit of Christmas. If you ever read Craigslist, you run into some of the rudest people ever found. Whether its someone who wants to buy something and wants to give you way below your fair price, or someone who posts nasty things to someone who needs help. Sad. Whatever happened to being nice.. just because its good manners.

So today's theme is do something nice for someone. :o)~

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Clothes.... and the teenage monster.

Teenagers.. it doesn't matter.. boy or girl.. they steal clothes. And what kills me is my oldest. I will glance over her out of the corner of my eye and realize that she is wearing random items of mine. Like right now, I cleaned my room today, and apparently shes grateful i have made things so much easier for her. . I straightened out my closet and put all my good comfy long sleeve shirts in there folded neatly. As I look over i notice my red old navy shirt which is the BEST shirt in the world is on her. OMG.. the poor thing didn't stand a chance!! before it was ripped from its home in the closet.. poor thing. .;o( and I would love to tell you its just my clothes.. oh no.. Chucks sweats are not sacred.. .hell Mel even spotted her jeans walking across the room one day last week. Anyone wanna guess on who's tail? There are days I have to question whether or not she has her own underwear on.. one day last week she had on Chucks shirt, my jacket, Mels Jeans, my socks and i am shocked to say her own shoes. (woohoo! my feet are bigger!!!) oh and its NOT just Stephanie... AJ and Danny constantly steal Chuck's jeans, or his shoes, definitely his shirts (ok they ALL steal our shirts), and whatever else they can.. honestly.. I feel like I should hide my clothes.. sadly.. they would find it :o)~

This weekend, has been adventurous to say the least.. Emily had spaghetti.. she made oompa loompas pale in comparison.. happily the orange wore off and the adorable baby was left behind :o)~ We cleaned the house up "fall cleaning" if you will. .got rid of some stuff that was taking up space but we got it done. And finally, I gave up 3 bags of crud on freecycle. Granted its not perfect stuff, but it was stuff someone else could use and I was glad to get rid of it. ;o)~ ohh and I went and got jeans and sneakers. I love my new sneakers.. I got skechers. talk about comfy. The last pair of these I owned i wore them until they finally begged me to toss them "PLEASE we can't take it anymore.. RETIRE us please"

Now I get to do the menus and grocery list tomorrow, the new week starts... I hate doing menus because it feels like its always the same 10 things. So followers, please post a new idea.. something please.. I need an idea.. There is only so much stew, soup, tacos, hot dogs, breakfast, hamburger helper, my kids can eat before they threaten me with picket signs.

Ok time to eat dinner... hopefully she won't get my shirt dirty :oP


Saturday, November 8, 2008

tag.. i am it

I have been tagged again... sighs.. via email this time, but alas a tag is a tag. And therefore without further adieu.... (is that not the weirdest word ever??)

1. Clothes shopping--For the kids or for Chuck I am SO there. .for me.. I sort of hate it. I hate trying to find something that I am gonna try on and decide i hate. i love tshirts and comfy clothes. .case in point.. mom gave me money for jeans today... I went to buy jeans and it took awhile and i found some, but only because Chuck did the whole "put it in the cart" thing.. i am not a shopper. and I don't like to spend money on me. I even looked at the baby stuff and was scolded... "That's NOT your size" yes dear I know.

2. Furniture shopping-- when we moved in the new house, I had the BEST time furniture shopping.. NOW I am done. .for like what 10 years or so.. ok probably not but I love the look of older stuff and I giggle when I find stuff.

3. Sweets--I adore tootsie rolls.. they are my favorite food. .and i am OUT of them :o( I am so sad.. ooh and Nikias Whoppie pies O.M.G. they are amazing!!! i also love my brownies but i don't make them nearly enough....Hmm. I love a good cheesecake. And Fall isn't fall without pumpkin pie.. ;o)~ ok. I love sweets

4. City-- I completely without doubt adore Paris. I love the sites and the smells. i haven't been back there since I was 11 but I remember it like it was yesterday. J'adore Paris. And I love New York city. :::Ba ba ba ba ba start spreading the news.. I am leaving today... I want to be a PART of it. NEW YORK NEW YORK!!::::::::::

5. Drinks--I already professed my love for my sugar cookie tea, i love a good cup of coffee with french vanilla creamer, I love Dr Pepper, I love Dasani strawberry water, I love Pomegranate Cherry Life Water, I love White Zinfandel, I love white russians, I love baileys irish cream. I love lots of different drinks ;o)~

6. Music.--I have so many different things on my itunes, from Garth to Delbert to the Jonas Brothers to Rob McNelley to Duran Duran and lots and lots of others. I love different music my main favorite being country. I am not really a concert person lately, I would love to be, but nothing good has come to hampton roads but when something does, I am going to move heaven and earth to get there.. even if I go alone.

7. TV Series-- Oh wow long list....Grey's Anatomy, True Blood, ER, Ugly Betty (my mother Betty hates that name lol), Project Runway, Big Brother, Little people big world, Dirty Sexy money, Law and Order, My Big Redneck Wedding, Private Practice, Will and Grace, Golden Girls, gosh soo many shows the list goes on and on.. oooh Rachel Ray I <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_24">america.

8. Film-- The Notebook, Dirty Dancing, Grease, PS I love you, Heart and Souls, and gosh so many more. I love movies. Its sort of my only social life..

9. Workout--BWAHAHAHAHAHA oh wait. you meant that.. does Sex count? Does chasing Emily count? if not I am screwed.

10. Pastries-- I love Entemann's cheese danish, and I love cheese danish in general.. but I am not a big "Pastry" fan... oh wait i like. I love paine du chocolat. (chocolate croissants)

11. Coffee. Yes please, hot, cold over ice, or slushied.. coffee rocks my socks.. yummy!! I love Frappucinos (not the price) but I also love iced coffee and the best thing somedays is that first sip of HOT coffee.. mmmmmmm.. sooooo good.

Not tagging anyone. if you wanna do it. do it. .if you don't you don't have to ;o)~ today's all about choice.. You're welcome

Thoughts to ponder........

Things that make you go hmmm... that is what the theme of today's blog is.

1) Why do people (Chuck) forget to turn off their alarm clocks on Saturday mornings when you don't have to get up and Miss Emily decided to get up at 2 AM to chat.. we SO have to discuss this new midnight conversation with her. I really think she is going to be a late night DJ when she gets older "Hi This is Em.. and I am listening" She's lucky I didn't tell her everything on my mind

2) How come its so easy to say "Ok I'll go to Mass" but when it comes time to physically go, I have an excuse or a reason not to go? Is it that I am just still that mad? Or is it that I am afraid the place will spontaneously combust as soon as I walk in?

3) How is it someone who has known you for a matter of months knows you so much better then someone you thought knew you better then anyone else? How is it that the new friend can try and fix a broken heart, and the other can't even see that its broken?

4) Why am I dreading my ex coming next week.. is it because he plucks my buttons or is it because I know mid way through I am gonna wanna kill him? Its not that we don't get along we do. He is actually a good friend of mine, but well we have a past.. and NO not Stephanie, Danny, AJ, and Mary.. ok them too but thats not what I meant. I am looking forward to meeting his girlfriend Sarah.

5) How come there is nothing sweeter then watching a 10 month eat spaghetti and turn orange? No matter how bad your day is, you can't help but smile as she is covered from forehead to thighs in spaghetti. She made a lovely oompa loompa too!!

6) WHY am I up at 7:42 AM? oh wait. I know that answer... Chucks alarm clock.

7) How come my brother can't see how amazing my mother is? She is such a great woman and he calls her "the old bag" what a jerk. He doesn't realize how good he has it. He pays no bills of matter, he is getting her amazing house when she dies, and he just tells us "he earns it" for driving her everywhere. Sure. Ok. If it was me, I wouldn't leave him a damn dime. Jerk.

8) How is it that CMT plays such great videos in the morning but if you aren't up you get to watch "Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Making the team" instead? ok. I admit it. I watch, and I watch "My Big redneck wedding" (did anyone else see the one where the brother and sister got married? OMG! if not youtube it.. so funny). They also show Extreme home makeover which is Stephs and my excuse to clear our sinuses we watch it and sob and sob.

9) How can I have so much on my mind and NOT have my mind explode. WOW 9 things? I didn't think my brain was that big!!

Ok these are my thoughts for the day. have a lovely day, play nice with others, even if they're assholes. (I tell my kids that every day.. and Chuck)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Crocodile tears

Every so often every one needs to have a good cry, today is my day. Pity party table of one. It seems sometimes for every step you take forward you go back three or four. Today I feel like I am fifty feet back. I am frusturated, and I don't know how to explain it all. Part of it is the way this morning went down. .it was one of those mornings that you just want to hide and let it pass without you. Sounds good right? Possible? Not so much. My saving grace was my mom called and let me just cry and she listened, and then I talked to Nikia and she was there for me. Thank God for shoulders cause today I needed them.

No, its not Chuck, as a matter of fact, I have warm fuzzies for him today still for getting my sugar cookie tea. I had a cup last night and remembered why I love it so. I love sugar cookies and this tea tastes like a warm from the oven sugar cookie. ok maybe lukewarm.. he got kind of pissy with Emily at 3 AM which is ridiculious since shes only 10 months and didnt want to be up any more then we wanted her to be up...and then the idea of our usual get up issues are just not fun. but other then that hes such a good man.

Its not the kids, or any one thing, today it is everything. I feel like I am going to snap, and I am almost afraid of what will come out of my mouth when it happens. I know that I am tired of being taken advantage of, but I also know its my own fault. I let it happen. I wear my heart on my sleeve and it happens. I guess my main problem is, sometimes people aren't who you think they are. And unfortunately when you realize it, there is no way to fix it. Its too far gone.

Life isn't perfect. There aren't always roses and candy, but its also what you make of it.. and I guess even with tears.. when life gives you lemons make lemonade is a very true statement.. but ya know sometimes you run out of sugar. And I feel like I am empty. I know this blog is very blah today and not funny and happy... but I just feel so done and over it.

Alas Scarlett tomorrow is another day.. a smile will come back and the sun will come out.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I should have stayed in bed.

I am sure you are noticing this blog is coming very late (I know some of you have from the IMs that asked "BLOG?".. yea yea I know. .sue me). So let's review Tricia's wonderful day so far.

Wake up at 530 to the teenager going through my room looking for 1) her NJROTC necktab and her shoe.. yes thats right shoe as in one.. um ok. she finds it and leaves. buh bye.

545 AM to annoyed kitten (yes the new family member we will get to him in a little bit).. annoyed kitten is telling Lily off.. I think Lily annoyed her.. she sees this little black ball of fur and is pretty sure she wants to play fetch, catch or anything else with the kitten.. the kitten just wanted to sleep and let Lily know in her big kitty voice.. which btw isn't so big.

620 AM the dueling snorers are going.. Yes, Chuck i know "you snore too!!" yes I do.. but... Emily and Chuck were snoring in unison.. he would snore.. pause.. she would snore.. he would snore.. pause.. she would snore. I record it on my phone... then figure since I have the phone in my hand I will go ahead and call my bank and see what cleared (yes I know I am a freak.. I do it daily)

645 AM- 650 AM I wake Chuck up to go get AJ.. notice the delay.... it goes like this . "chuck" "I am up" "chuck" "I am up" Finally he gets up and goes.

705-720 AM Rinse wash repeat the Chuck get up and go get David and Mary up. yes I know, "why dont you get up" umm..because he has a louder voice then me.

725 AM- 835 AM Chuck leaves for work... Mary and David get ready for school.. kitty and dog have a meeting of the mind (he has one, she doesnt). I get dressed and dress Miss Emily who goes in to veg with Mel while we head to the bus stop at 8:35

835 AM-8:43 AM Curse the bus driver for being late and wonder WTF I was thinking bringing the kitten out in the RAIN to meet the kids at the bus stop.. note to self, check for brain.

8:45 AM back in the house, let annoyed kiten down, he meets Hercues who informs him in the big cat voice "I am in charge, your pond scum" kitty seems to understand

8:45-9:20 AM clean up the house, do laundry.. do the dishes, take care of the basics..

9:20 AM Emily and I eat breakfast (grits.. yum-o)

9:23 AM Ms Harper the vice principal of the Elementary school calls.. crap. No no its not what you think.. Rocky didn't do it.. it was his sister Cruella. who decided to show her tail in music class and when given the option of (wait til you hear this one!) a time out or a suspension.. she took.... WAIT FOR IT.. A SUSPENSION. Are you fricking kidding me?!?!??!? She told the teacher (yea I wish I was kidding too) I am too old for timeouts. Oh buddy. Let me TELL you this child is currently wishing she would have asked for the timeout....Oh and then she got mouthy with the vice principal.. I was ready to tell her if she felt the need to staple her to the wall til Chuck got there, I was ok with that. And then made a comment about us getting calls about David.... um.. actually David has been fairly well behaved lately... Yea i know ::::knocks on wood::::: but I think hes finally getting it.

9:30 AM Tell people who need to know about Mary and her showing her ass the story, and go to wash out my bowl... um.. the water isnt coming on...

9:30 AM til 10 AM call the water company... find out what is going on .. inform them NO I am not PAYING the bill of the guy who shorted you guys because he was foreclosed on which I told you in AUGUST when we got the house.. but I will pay the bills you have YET to send me (FYI the water company where we used to live was quarterly bills I assumed (stupidly) it was the same way here.. we pay the bill (we are responsible for) and are now still waiting for our damn water grrrrrr.

From 10 AM til now.. I have growled and done whatever I could around the house to avoid having to pee lol. We are due to get turned back on later on.. :::holds breath::: they are never as fast to put it on as they are to turn it off. .did you ever notice that?? Ok in other news we have friends who had to get rid of some kittens so we took a little black one that we got on the first day after the election... and we named him Obama :o)~ he's really cute, pretty smart, and seems like it fits him.. the funniest thing is hearing david yell "OBAMA come here" ;o)~ hey i figure if Jeff Dunham can name his dog Bill.. (after Clinton) I can name my cat Obama after the president :o)~

More tomorrow hopefully a little more calmly.. OOOOOOO and one more thing!! Chuck kicks butt!! he brought me TWO boxes of Sugar cookie tea.. this tea is the BEST tea EVER.. he found it at walmart.. it tastes like a freshly baked sugar cookie.. YUM- O!! If you wanna try it let me know I'll send you a bag!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So much to talk about.

Last night, my mother experienced what is her World Series, Election night. My mother as I have stated before is a political junky. While she is a big Republican, but the one thing i will always say for my mom is she is fair. She had nothing but positive things to say and while her choice is John McCain, her President Elect is Barack Obama, and she is ok with that. No, mom's decision has nothing to do with her guidelines, its just that mom has always voted the same way, except once. The last time Virginia went democratic was for Lyndon Johnson, we didn't live here then, we were in New York (they were in New York, I wasn't even thought of), but...her reasoning for voting democratic was the same as so many women and men voted for Obama, the hope and dream that this world will change. That maybe just maybe we can end the war.

She is more hopeful then me. I sit here wondering when my husband will be mobilized, I wait and I worry. I hope it doesn't happen, but at the same time it seems inevitable... mobilization it seems is the "reward" for making E5. you too can die for going up in rank.. gee thanks.. with Friends like you, who needs enemies?

As I said to a friend last night, I don't see this being fixed, I don't see us holding hands with Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq and singing Kumbaya by a camp fire. I just don't see it happening. Regardless of who got in office, there is still somebody who will be angry.. somebody who will have a bigger gun then the last guy. War won't end just because George W goes home to Texas singing "happy trails to you" the whole way there.

I guess in the next four years we will have to see where this country goes, will the economy bounce back? Will the enviorment start to perk back up? and will the gun toting morons who were shooting off their pistols last night to celebrate a President Elect Obama in office grow up? Yes, thats right to "celebrate" people were shooting guns in the air. I guess a safer alternative was not an option like a cap gun.. no no, let's use real bullets. .. Morons. I am hopeful that America CAN recover from this, that we will be the strong country we were when i was growing up, where you could tell someone I am an AMERICAN and say it loud and proud. and if not I voted therefore you guys get to listen to me complain.. WOOHOO!

As I sign off today, I leave you with hope and dreams that this world will be awesome... and um. I hope President Elect Obamas little girls puppy doesn't pee on the White House rug. ;o)~ Congrats Barack Obama.. it was a hard fought campaign, and you earned this.

I am Tricia, and I approve this message.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Election day is here. That is good for a few reasons 1) We get to pick our new leader.. which in my opinion if you are going to the polls you are picking the person who is going to screw up this country a little less (hopefully) then the last guy. Seriously, I don't think either one of these guys have a big enough band aid to fix the problems in this country. If I am wrong, believe me in four years I will say it.. but for now.. well.. i am voting so I have the right to complain if things don't get fixed, or God forbid get worse. 2) the knocks on the door will stop. "hi I am with the Obama campaign, we wanted to see if we can count on your vote on Tuesday" (if i say yes will you leave? If i tell you I am an illegal alien (Mars rules) will you leave?) its not that i don't appreciate the job of the canvassers.. but... some of them have been down right rude (Jose is the exception) I will say at least the Obama canvassers have visited us, we haven't seen anyone from John McCain's group at all. hmmm. i guess I would have had to go to a hockey rink and met up with some hockey moms (aka pitbulls with lipstick right?). 3) the political commercials will come to an end, the bad part is all the toy commercials for Christmas will start and as a parent, i am not sure which will be worse. either way they lead to someone saying "gimme gimme gimme" (gimme your vote.. gimme that toy either way it leads to bad manners)

I am not trying to be a cynic, I do believe it is entirely possible for someone to fix the mess this country is in, but I don't think you will see it happen unless everyone stops fighting and starts agreeing. Right now in Washington, we have toddlers. They pout and whine and nobody gets along. In order to fix things someone is going to have to be the grown up, say "NO!" really loudly and maybe just maybe we can get things fixed. Let's hope this man, whoever he may be, that is coming to the White house will have his daddy pants on and not his pampers, shall we?

ohh and more on the FINALLY title.. Emily slept in her own bed all night last night. WOOHOO she's been sick.. she has this head cold that has made her needy and whiny and well um... politician like She has been getting up since Friday from 1 AM to 4 AM but finally last night she slept in her own bed til 7 AM, got up for what i thought was snuggle time but no it was a bottle and laying with mommy until.. 9:30 AM. WOOHOO again. Chuck's jealous, therefore my day is made ;o)~

Happy voting everyone! Remember if you don't vote you can't complain!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

tell me tell me tell me

Whats in your ears? What music is making you tap your foot and sing along..Today's blog is thanks to Mel asking "whats in your ears" on Rob's forum... only today I am going to add to it and add more "whats in.."

Whats in your ears? Right now I am loving "So What" from Pink. Chuck and I have a large background with Pink. .we first kissed to "get this party started" (ironic huh?), also Jace Everett's "I wanna do bad things with you" (theme song for True blood) and finally "chicken fried which I finally found out last night was the Zac Brown band.. there is something feel good about this song

Whats in your belly? LOTS of Halloween candy ;oX ok.. no there's more last night we made meatloaf, mac and cheese and garlic butter biscuits. and tonight i am roasting two chickens, home made mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce.. yum-o. Feel good foods and LOTS of left overs for tomorrow. WOOHOO.

Whats being seen by your eyes? Tv show wise, i am hooked on True Blood, the characters and storylines are soooo good. I also love Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Dancing with the stars, and ER. I am avoiding any channel that shows anything election related as i am TIRED of seeing it.. am i the only one who is tired of the smear campaigns? geesh.

What movie do you want to see? (yea its not body related.. sue me) frankly I am dying to see Nights in Rodanthe, I really want to see it. I also want to see four Christmases.. i usually try and see whatever new holiday movie is coming out that way we can get in the spirit. as for DVD's I am spoiled.. Mel and chuck work for the same video store so if its new i have either seen it or will see it. ;o)~

And finally

What are you reading?? Right now I am waiting for a book to arrive the new Nicholas Sparks book, but in the meantime I am reading James Patterson "Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas" that is such a great book, but boy does it make you cry.. I am reading it in the tub, or when I can grab five minutes, my poor kids think that i am drowning because some days I don't want to stop reading.. and I have read it before! crazy.

Ok off to drink my coffee (god bless Mel.. hazelnut creamer.. YUM-O)


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sleepy Sunday.

Today started daylight savings time, we got to fall back an hour.. this would have meant so much more to me if Emily wasnt up again with the allergies/cold that is kicking her tiny diapered tail. I feel so rotten that there is so little i can do for her. it used to be you would run out get pedicare or little colds, now you can't do anything other then motrin and watch them stare at you with big miserable eyes. At the end of the day, I will admtit that this morning we finally broke down and bought dimetapp and i gave her 1/4 of what the dose on the bottle is.. just enough to take the edge off of whatever it is that is biting her tail. Poor baby. We did manage to sleep in until 10 AM, but that is only because she slept til about 7 got up yelled at me we did a bottle and then snuggled and went back to sleep.. and apparently per Nikia, I suck.

The Elections are nearly over.. Thank God. But we are still getting visited by the different parties, today for the first time someone made me think my decision. That MAYBE . .just maybe I should rethink who i am voting for. Notice, I am still not saying WHO that is. lol.. I am not a fan of starting fights.. but what is it that was said in the movie 1776 by John Hancock, a Good debate never hurt anybody. I am going to do some more research before I head off to vote, but I will go on record as stating I don't think either one of these men will change the world.. my question is can one make it a little better then it is now.

I didnt mention before that while Emily is sick, so is David, Stephanie,Chucks got the sniffles and I think I am in denial.. which contrary to popular believe denial is not just a river in Egypt.

I have discovered that the movie Heart and Souls (which I have seen just short of a million times) is another one on my list of "YOU have to see this movie" Add to that list The Notebook, PS I love you, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Phantom of the Opera (ooo two Gerard Butler movies.. Mel must be so proud), I know I have others but i just adore those movies. The Notebook is one of my favorites because I love the author.. ohh that reminds me "A walk to remember" is good too. (same author Nicholas Sparks),PS I love you I read the book before I even knew they were making a movie, I think Ceceila Aherns is an amazing writer, and who doesn't love Gerry Butler.. grrr.. Dirty Dancing because well nobody puts baby in the corner..Grease was my first "grown up" movie.. to this day I can watch it over and over and over. I love it. and Phantom of the Opera from the very beginning when the chandlier falls to the rose at the end. damn. Andrew Lloyd Webber kicks butt. Great movie.. and Gerry Butler makes an UBER hot Phantom.

So tonight my show is on.. .so if anyone is looking for me, I will be planted in front of the TV watching Sookie, Bill and the rest of the True Blood gang. God Bless HBO for this show but damn they have to stop leaving me wanting more. its JUST rude. well only because they leave 6 full days between shows.. RUDE.

More tomorrow. Havea nice sunday

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween went off without a witch

ha I kill me! ok. .sorry I will behave now. We landed up going out as a zombie (chuck), a victim (ME.. i wore a hat with a bloody hatchet sticking out..), Stephanie was tankerbell, Danny was a wolfman, AJ was a skeleton (we found him the COOLEST Tshirt), mary was a female pirate (I found the costume at a thrift store and fell in love with it.. we HAD to have it), David was a fireman (and one seriously cute fireman.. I guess its true what they say about firefighters... they are hot..bwahaha i made another funny.. hey look you read for me. let me think I am funny), and Emily was the cutest little skunk (I know because everyone said "shes the cutest little skunk).. ohh and I can't forget Josh, Nikia and Diem. Josh dressed up as an insane man. I can prove it.. he was wearing shorts and holy CRAP it was cold.... Nikia wore my witch hat because it was her birthday and it had lights on and off. ;o)~ and Miss Diem was the cutest little bumble bee EVER.. ;o)~ She was just darling..

Now let me tell you what happens when a family of six kids goes trick or treating....these bags are GALLON sized bags btw...we have 3 bags of chocolate, 1 bag of tootsie rolls and taffys, 1 bag of skittles and starburst types, 1 bag of lollipops, 1 container of hard candy and 2 sandwich bags of gum. OMG we will have candy til May. ;o)~ ok less then that 3 of the kids are teenagers, and one is a prek kid who thinks life depends on chocolate.

All in all we had a fun night.. the kids walked around with Chuck and Josh, Stephanie, Nikia and I sat back and drank wine and sat outside til it got too cold, then we went inside to watch my big redneck wedding.. Let me tell you, if you ever question whether or not someone is too redneck for you, there is a sliding scale when you watch this show.. If you bedazzle a wedding dress your a redneck, if your wedding arch is made of shotgun shells or beer cans you are a redneck, and my personal favorite if you PEE your wedding proposal in the snow.. you are a redneck. (for those of you who have checked yes to any of these, please close the blog thank you). :o)~ We have discovered Tom Arnold is quite hilarious with this show, he has such wit and while I always suspected he could be funny i never knew he was until I saw him on this show.


With the end of Halloween we now start the holiday season.. I am heading to the dollar store shortly to get some Thanksgiving stuff for the kitchen (towels, potholders, the windows, the roll top desk.. yes I am that weirdo who decorates for the seasons.. sue me. And away goes the fun halloween stuff we have up. and then AFTER Thanksgiving (because unlike the stores, I DO know this holiday still exsists), I will put up the christmas stuff.. I love the hustle and bustle of the holidays.. I hate the money you have to spend. but such is life.

Emily has her first real bout with a fever last night :o( it was ugly and it was 2 AM.. damn. She finally knocked out about 430 and my sainted husband who slept through most of the night got up with Emily at 8:30. God bless him .

Ok i am getting snarled out and have to go to the store, so more tomorrow.