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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 6: Demons and Dogs

The company is here for one more day, I think in the grand scheme of things I can say I survived the visit. Both of them. Totally unscathed. Then my mom called me... relax Chuck.. she said Mrs Jones (moms BFF) wants to come down with her and stay for five days.. relax Chuck...I snorted....Mom said she told Mrs Jones she just got back and didn't think it was a good idea.. :::whew:::: but for the record when she first said it I was ready to book a hotel room.. for me! don't get me wrong.. Moms visits are always nice.. but.. Mrs Jones.. the best way to explain her is to say that when I was 18 years old she told me it was time to bed when she was visiting my parents. Yea right. HAHAHA. Yea I am not kidding. she's a piece of work, but she has always been there for my mom, and I do think she is very nice.. just unique.

You have to be sort of curious as to the title demon and dogs..well its Chucks fault. he suggested it as I was telling him about two events of my morning.. the first being that less then an hour into Rocky's day at school hew as sent home because he decided to feel the need to act like a jerk in class and "can not control himself today" Fab. I swear he is going to be the poster child to legalize child abuse if he doesn't cut it out... I am kidding. I can count on my hand how many times I have popped my kids .I don't hit. i am loud.. I yell. :o)~ But there are DAYS.. let me tell you. Anyways Rocky is home now, and has already been informed "wait til your father gets home"

So then as I am telling him the story, Lily is at the back door waiting to come in, I open the door and she drops at my feet a present. Gulp. I look down its a skull. No not human, we don't live in Newport News anymore. It appears to be from a squirrel (too bad that the animal skull and penis collector from My big redneck wedding doesn't live near by huh?) Anyways I tell the Great white and brown hunter that while it is a sweet gesture, its best to leave these things in the yard, she picks up and trots off. I am almost afraid to see the next gift.. gulp.

I am nursing a miserable sore throat that appears to be going around the house.. I have it.. Chuck just got over it.. Emily has it.. The kids have had it. and now Mel has it. Hey at least we can't be accused of not sharing right? damn. I am off to drink my sugar cookie tea and wish Emily would nap. Please oh please oh please.

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