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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Election day is here. That is good for a few reasons 1) We get to pick our new leader.. which in my opinion if you are going to the polls you are picking the person who is going to screw up this country a little less (hopefully) then the last guy. Seriously, I don't think either one of these guys have a big enough band aid to fix the problems in this country. If I am wrong, believe me in four years I will say it.. but for now.. well.. i am voting so I have the right to complain if things don't get fixed, or God forbid get worse. 2) the knocks on the door will stop. "hi I am with the Obama campaign, we wanted to see if we can count on your vote on Tuesday" (if i say yes will you leave? If i tell you I am an illegal alien (Mars rules) will you leave?) its not that i don't appreciate the job of the canvassers.. but... some of them have been down right rude (Jose is the exception) I will say at least the Obama canvassers have visited us, we haven't seen anyone from John McCain's group at all. hmmm. i guess I would have had to go to a hockey rink and met up with some hockey moms (aka pitbulls with lipstick right?). 3) the political commercials will come to an end, the bad part is all the toy commercials for Christmas will start and as a parent, i am not sure which will be worse. either way they lead to someone saying "gimme gimme gimme" (gimme your vote.. gimme that toy either way it leads to bad manners)

I am not trying to be a cynic, I do believe it is entirely possible for someone to fix the mess this country is in, but I don't think you will see it happen unless everyone stops fighting and starts agreeing. Right now in Washington, we have toddlers. They pout and whine and nobody gets along. In order to fix things someone is going to have to be the grown up, say "NO!" really loudly and maybe just maybe we can get things fixed. Let's hope this man, whoever he may be, that is coming to the White house will have his daddy pants on and not his pampers, shall we?

ohh and more on the FINALLY title.. Emily slept in her own bed all night last night. WOOHOO she's been sick.. she has this head cold that has made her needy and whiny and well um... politician like She has been getting up since Friday from 1 AM to 4 AM but finally last night she slept in her own bed til 7 AM, got up for what i thought was snuggle time but no it was a bottle and laying with mommy until.. 9:30 AM. WOOHOO again. Chuck's jealous, therefore my day is made ;o)~

Happy voting everyone! Remember if you don't vote you can't complain!!

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loopy747 said...

I voted, now can I complain?? I dont feel good, I have a headache, Richard has not stopped talking since he got up, the 3 kids are sick. Want me to go on???? lol Glad I voted!