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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 3.. Sunday.

Today is supposed to be a day of rest.. um no. we barely slept again last night, and sadly it made both Chuck and i a bit grouchy. There is very little you can do for a little girl who is just miserable and climbing the walls because she's JUST not happy... My mother finally asked me tonight "do you think it could be an ear infection" duh. I am a moron. We got her the hemeopathic Ear drops from Rite Aid and I am happy to report we have a much different little girl on our hands. I am hopeful she will remain this way.. and feel sort of stupid that I missed it in the first place.

Today was a very quiet day in the house of us, we cleaned up (the usual), made meals (the usual), watched movies (You've got mail for the 8 billionth time..although my mother had never seen the whole movie and when Kathleen closed up Shop around the corner she says "aww they can end it like that" we were like umm mom. .they didn't.. lol. It was kind of funny. We watched a bunch of movies this weekend and I will say a afew things:

1) Across the Universe- what I have watched of it so far, is really good.. (Yea yea I know Chuck I don't play fair...I put it on this morning to wake him up.. its his favorite movie)

2) Kit Kitteridge- what a great movie.. Abigail Breslin isnt annoying yet ala Dakota Fanning... cute movie, great cast, sweet story

3) Made of Honor--Mcdreamy.. enough said..yum-o

4) Miss Pettigrew lives for a day- I wasnt sure I would like this.. I was wrong.. really cute..very campy. but really cute.

All in all we have had a nice weekend, mom is home safe and sound and I am still hopeful I will survive. ::::cue the music::::

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