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Monday, November 24, 2008

Just another manic Monday

I wake up every Monday and think the same thing.. oh damn.. the weekend is over, it blew past too fast like all the others before it. Oh well. I get up ok.. I sit up.. I dont get out of bed until I know my choices have come to a halt and either I a) get out of bed or b) try and parent a wiggly 10 month old from my bed.. yea thats not happening. I get up, I make my bed, I find the way to the potty, I take care of things and get dressed. After David and Mary are shooed to the bus, I then welcome into my world the beloved cup of coffee that increases my life force from near dead to alive and kicking. Emily and I will eat breakfast and then she will get down to play until she takes her morning nap, shes my first baby who can get up at 730 and nap by 9:00 or 9:30. I greet my good morning friends (Regis and Kelly, Rachel Ray
(I am so tellling you if she and I met we would SO hit it off), and then the ladies on the View who I watch until they start behaving like cats) Usually they are on in the background as I run through the house cleaning things up, putting on laundry, and trying to figure out what is for dinner (it sounds so much easier then it ever is...usually I stare at the freezer and fridge and go through in my mind what we ate the days and weeks before, because ya know after awhile its like gee how many different ways can you make a porkchop? We run through the daily routine by 12 or 1230 David arrives home unless the school calls.. (sighs.. that would be the case today....he is a pill. He does know how to behave, he just lately cant see to remember how. That boy is a teenager in a toddler body). We will work on his homework .. yes in preschool.. homework. He loves doing it. The thing is, I think he may be acting out because hes bored. He knows the work, and has grasped it quickly he just doesnt like rules.. and frankly, he has boundaries at home and hes going to have to realize he has boundaries at school too.. grr. We wait for the older kids to get home and then we have the same boring ordinary day as everyone else does. Our life is busy and manic but its our life. Between the daily routines of work, school, meals, time together, and other activities we keep busy from sun up to well past sun down. No wonder i am so tired eh?

I decided today that even though we are having our issues (that mighty sucky dollar), that we had to do something for someone else. A lady posted a wanted ad on Craigslist looking for help with Thanksgiving dinner... we went on Saturday to BJs and got alot of extras because we buy in bulk, I am going to give her the fixing and sides for dinner, and we are going to see what we can do to help with a turkey. I just feel like maybe Karma will stop kicking me in the cosmic tail if we pay our good fortune forward, we may not have designer clothes, but we have food. we may not have a mansion, but we have a house. We may not live in a tropical enviorment, but we have heat. Instead of spending so much time thinking of what we dont have, perhaps its time to think of what we do have. We have a lovely house in a lovely area. We no longer fear gunshots when we open our door. We no longer wonder and worry if someone is going to rob us when we go to our car or if God forbid kill us for the measley dollar we have in our pocket. While i claim I have no faith, its not that I don't have faith, I do. I am just angry with God. (we have been through this before) I will say maybe its time for me to call a truce. Maybe we need to make up and be friends again. Its not easy to be angry all the time, maybe i need to stop. One step at a time eh?

I am going to end this blog and all the blogs this week by telling you one thing I am thankful for. Today I will say I am thankful for my family and my friends for it is the love of each of you that I keep going and with a thankful heart its easy to do so.

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