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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 2.. Saturday...

Saturday night Fever brings on a whole new meaning when you have a 10 month old who has a low grade fever due to two stubborn little teeth that are making her life hell. My poor baby is so miserable. :o( I did notice two of the seven she is cutting have made their way up through the gums.. thank heavens!!! I do know she is starting to recover.. she is not as moody as she has been but stile not 100%. More like stuff eh?

So the company is going rather well. GW has found a very nice girl although i think she has said maybe 30 words to me.. mostly she is very quiet, although she has won the kids over nicely... the boys love video games as does she. Mary seems to like her quite a lot too, and while I am not sure what Stephanie thinks i haven't heard anything bad.. and if it was bad.. I would most definitely know.

My mothers visit has been nice, she always sort of makes me feel like things will be ok, even when the sky is gray and gloomy. I certainly do miss her when she is home, and i love having her here, although she does pluck my nerves a little bit. We did go get our nails done today and we do hang out, and that is so nice. Truth be told.. as much as I was a daddy's girl, I am still a mommy's girl too.

Our AC in our van broke. ugh.. I am so bummed. . No idea how long it will take to get it fixed....or if we will even be able to get it fixed. . I am so irked. I feel like we have a kick me sign on us... and I am so tired of it.. the damn thing is still blowing but its NOT cold. I have this AWFUL feeling its the compressor which will be just short of an arm and a leg to fix.

Ok time to do dinner.. the natives are getting restless......

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