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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So much to talk about.

Last night, my mother experienced what is her World Series, Election night. My mother as I have stated before is a political junky. While she is a big Republican, but the one thing i will always say for my mom is she is fair. She had nothing but positive things to say and while her choice is John McCain, her President Elect is Barack Obama, and she is ok with that. No, mom's decision has nothing to do with her guidelines, its just that mom has always voted the same way, except once. The last time Virginia went democratic was for Lyndon Johnson, we didn't live here then, we were in New York (they were in New York, I wasn't even thought of), but...her reasoning for voting democratic was the same as so many women and men voted for Obama, the hope and dream that this world will change. That maybe just maybe we can end the war.

She is more hopeful then me. I sit here wondering when my husband will be mobilized, I wait and I worry. I hope it doesn't happen, but at the same time it seems inevitable... mobilization it seems is the "reward" for making E5. you too can die for going up in rank.. gee thanks.. with Friends like you, who needs enemies?

As I said to a friend last night, I don't see this being fixed, I don't see us holding hands with Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq and singing Kumbaya by a camp fire. I just don't see it happening. Regardless of who got in office, there is still somebody who will be angry.. somebody who will have a bigger gun then the last guy. War won't end just because George W goes home to Texas singing "happy trails to you" the whole way there.

I guess in the next four years we will have to see where this country goes, will the economy bounce back? Will the enviorment start to perk back up? and will the gun toting morons who were shooting off their pistols last night to celebrate a President Elect Obama in office grow up? Yes, thats right to "celebrate" people were shooting guns in the air. I guess a safer alternative was not an option like a cap gun.. no no, let's use real bullets. .. Morons. I am hopeful that America CAN recover from this, that we will be the strong country we were when i was growing up, where you could tell someone I am an AMERICAN and say it loud and proud. and if not I voted therefore you guys get to listen to me complain.. WOOHOO!

As I sign off today, I leave you with hope and dreams that this world will be awesome... and um. I hope President Elect Obamas little girls puppy doesn't pee on the White House rug. ;o)~ Congrats Barack Obama.. it was a hard fought campaign, and you earned this.

I am Tricia, and I approve this message.

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