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Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 1.. the company has arrived.

Ok.. day one.. they are all here.. I think my neighbors must think a) someone died b) someones getting married or c) We are trying to see how many people we can fit in the house, sort of like clowns and cars. So far so good, I think we all will survive. If nothing else, I will just kill the bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream and forget they exsist kidding!! sort of.. Hey wait... Mel mentioned passionfruit vodka in the last comment... I think I need to find her.. and it. .like.. SOON. (Yes, should leave it. and if she does Yes, Tricia there IS a Santa Claus).

Mom took Chuck and I out to Logan's last night and we had our fabulous waitress Marie. I have to tell you, we have seen this woman three times, and everytime she is just more charming then the last.. it could be that she's happy to see us.. or just REALLY happy to see Mom's tip.. Ok it might be both, but Marie is one of those bubbly waitresses you meet and when she says "Have a nice day" you know there is no gun to her head to say it. Unlike say.. the waiter we had at Applebees today. Which btw was so horrifically bad I am not sure I will ever go back there.... either for the food or service. .. .blech. .oh crap.. just outed myself.. Yes Chuck, Mom took me to Applebee's.. trust me.. you didn't miss a thing.. next time I'll eat the lint and tic tac in the bottom of my purse instead... blech! Plus he was just not friendly.. we saw him like three times the entire meal. On our bill Mom gave him a $5 tip.. She's generous.. I would have left him pennies.. in the bottom of the soda glasses.. Jerk.

Emily is feeling crappy.. shes all congested and miserable and grouchy.. and that makes me crappy and miserable and grouchy.. Chuck's got the congested part.. Poor guy.. :o( And ya know.. most men are such babies when they are sick, he is such a trooper he has went to work daily, and not complained. I am hoping he can sleep in some tomorrow and at least MOSTLY recover from whatever this is that is kicking his tush.

Ok GW (the EX) is making chicken wings.. not too many.. JUST 19 lbs. Yep I said 19 lbs. So if your in Norfolk, drop on by for a wing or two... pounds.

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