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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween went off without a witch

ha I kill me! ok. .sorry I will behave now. We landed up going out as a zombie (chuck), a victim (ME.. i wore a hat with a bloody hatchet sticking out..), Stephanie was tankerbell, Danny was a wolfman, AJ was a skeleton (we found him the COOLEST Tshirt), mary was a female pirate (I found the costume at a thrift store and fell in love with it.. we HAD to have it), David was a fireman (and one seriously cute fireman.. I guess its true what they say about firefighters... they are hot..bwahaha i made another funny.. hey look you read for me. let me think I am funny), and Emily was the cutest little skunk (I know because everyone said "shes the cutest little skunk).. ohh and I can't forget Josh, Nikia and Diem. Josh dressed up as an insane man. I can prove it.. he was wearing shorts and holy CRAP it was cold.... Nikia wore my witch hat because it was her birthday and it had lights on and off. ;o)~ and Miss Diem was the cutest little bumble bee EVER.. ;o)~ She was just darling..

Now let me tell you what happens when a family of six kids goes trick or treating....these bags are GALLON sized bags btw...we have 3 bags of chocolate, 1 bag of tootsie rolls and taffys, 1 bag of skittles and starburst types, 1 bag of lollipops, 1 container of hard candy and 2 sandwich bags of gum. OMG we will have candy til May. ;o)~ ok less then that 3 of the kids are teenagers, and one is a prek kid who thinks life depends on chocolate.

All in all we had a fun night.. the kids walked around with Chuck and Josh, Stephanie, Nikia and I sat back and drank wine and sat outside til it got too cold, then we went inside to watch my big redneck wedding.. Let me tell you, if you ever question whether or not someone is too redneck for you, there is a sliding scale when you watch this show.. If you bedazzle a wedding dress your a redneck, if your wedding arch is made of shotgun shells or beer cans you are a redneck, and my personal favorite if you PEE your wedding proposal in the snow.. you are a redneck. (for those of you who have checked yes to any of these, please close the blog thank you). :o)~ We have discovered Tom Arnold is quite hilarious with this show, he has such wit and while I always suspected he could be funny i never knew he was until I saw him on this show.


With the end of Halloween we now start the holiday season.. I am heading to the dollar store shortly to get some Thanksgiving stuff for the kitchen (towels, potholders, the windows, the roll top desk.. yes I am that weirdo who decorates for the seasons.. sue me. And away goes the fun halloween stuff we have up. and then AFTER Thanksgiving (because unlike the stores, I DO know this holiday still exsists), I will put up the christmas stuff.. I love the hustle and bustle of the holidays.. I hate the money you have to spend. but such is life.

Emily has her first real bout with a fever last night :o( it was ugly and it was 2 AM.. damn. She finally knocked out about 430 and my sainted husband who slept through most of the night got up with Emily at 8:30. God bless him .

Ok i am getting snarled out and have to go to the store, so more tomorrow.

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