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Monday, November 10, 2008

its nice to be important, but more important to be nice

These are words to live by, and words that I think everyone should have engraved in their mind forever. Case in point, I called the Cable company today, the person there was delightful, she didn't act like most over there like she hates her job, she was friendly and helpful and genuinely nice. I explained that with our pay day, payment by the 10th is damn near impossible and she fixed it for us, and we changed it to a later date. I am tickled. I still have cable... I can keep on blogging... and ya know that makes me smile ;o)~ One of the questions they ask is "what is your last four digits of your social" So I gave them and she asked for permission to access the account, for the sake of asking, I asked if anyone has ever told her no. she told me they get that ALL the time. I said really and she said yea that people will want help but not want to give their information... umm... hello? They gave it when they set up the account. But she was genuinely friendly and even told me have a nice day! You hardly ever hear anyone say that nowadays. I am telling you this world needs to be forced to get up and eat a piece of chocolate every day just so their day starts right. ;o)~

I have encountered more then my share of Walmart cashiers who you just wanna ask "Damn do you hate your job that much?" And then you get the question on that little scren "did your cashier greet you" yes she acknowledged I was breathing. did you she want to? I don't think so. And then I was always taught to say "have a nice day" on the way out the door... I would say 6 out of 8 people say it back and have even been mmm hmmmed. are you kidding? Its nice to be important! but more important to be nice!

Keeping up the niceness theme.. GW and Sarah arrive on Friday....I am hopeful this will be a good visit. One I think it will be good for the kids but also I really do want to meet his girlfriend. I guess we will see how it goes. I will just have to smile and hope he doesn't show up with the same tude he had last time :::cringes:::: although i think our living enviorment will certainly help with that. We have moved from the most Ghettofabulous house in the world to a really nice house in a good neighborhood. But anyways.. be nice.. PRAY for me :o)~

And again, continuing with the niceness theme, the start of the christmas season is upon us. (yea i know "THANKSGIVING?!?!" but trust me its about time... and in the spirit of the season I have seen more scrooges then Spirit of Christmas. If you ever read Craigslist, you run into some of the rudest people ever found. Whether its someone who wants to buy something and wants to give you way below your fair price, or someone who posts nasty things to someone who needs help. Sad. Whatever happened to being nice.. just because its good manners.

So today's theme is do something nice for someone. :o)~

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Laura said...

I agree. Was their ever a "gentler time" ? I think slowing down- helps.
If I'm not in a rush- I tend to be nicer, more patient, less critical, more forgiving... but too often I find myself running a day late and a dollar short.

Enjoyed the post.