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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Clothes.... and the teenage monster.

Teenagers.. it doesn't matter.. boy or girl.. they steal clothes. And what kills me is my oldest. I will glance over her out of the corner of my eye and realize that she is wearing random items of mine. Like right now, I cleaned my room today, and apparently shes grateful i have made things so much easier for her. . I straightened out my closet and put all my good comfy long sleeve shirts in there folded neatly. As I look over i notice my red old navy shirt which is the BEST shirt in the world is on her. OMG.. the poor thing didn't stand a chance!! before it was ripped from its home in the closet.. poor thing. .;o( and I would love to tell you its just my clothes.. oh no.. Chucks sweats are not sacred.. .hell Mel even spotted her jeans walking across the room one day last week. Anyone wanna guess on who's tail? There are days I have to question whether or not she has her own underwear on.. one day last week she had on Chucks shirt, my jacket, Mels Jeans, my socks and i am shocked to say her own shoes. (woohoo! my feet are bigger!!!) oh and its NOT just Stephanie... AJ and Danny constantly steal Chuck's jeans, or his shoes, definitely his shirts (ok they ALL steal our shirts), and whatever else they can.. honestly.. I feel like I should hide my clothes.. sadly.. they would find it :o)~

This weekend, has been adventurous to say the least.. Emily had spaghetti.. she made oompa loompas pale in comparison.. happily the orange wore off and the adorable baby was left behind :o)~ We cleaned the house up "fall cleaning" if you will. .got rid of some stuff that was taking up space but we got it done. And finally, I gave up 3 bags of crud on freecycle. Granted its not perfect stuff, but it was stuff someone else could use and I was glad to get rid of it. ;o)~ ohh and I went and got jeans and sneakers. I love my new sneakers.. I got skechers. talk about comfy. The last pair of these I owned i wore them until they finally begged me to toss them "PLEASE we can't take it anymore.. RETIRE us please"

Now I get to do the menus and grocery list tomorrow, the new week starts... I hate doing menus because it feels like its always the same 10 things. So followers, please post a new idea.. something please.. I need an idea.. There is only so much stew, soup, tacos, hot dogs, breakfast, hamburger helper, my kids can eat before they threaten me with picket signs.

Ok time to eat dinner... hopefully she won't get my shirt dirty :oP


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fyrgrl said...

Well when you get dinner ideas please pass them on.