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Saturday, November 29, 2008

I believe!

I am not sure what it is about this time of year, the air is crisp and you can just feel that something is brewing. I don't know if its because its winter or if its because you know Santa is on the way. And I know that Santa is a myth, but think about it for a minute. Is he? We all anticipate his arrival, whether we are waiting for him or we are watching a little one wait. Christmas brings out the good in everyone, one way or another. Whether we see good behavior from every one we meet, someone does see it.

Christmas is magic, and sometimes it feels like the last of what we all have left that is magical.

When you hear the first Christmas song, you eat your first Christmas cookie of that season, that is magic

When you see a little one on Christmas morning run for their stockings, that is magic.

When you see the paper on the floor from everyone opening their new treasure, that is magic. Yes even that ugly shirt you got, as ugly as it is, someone put thought into that gift, and the time they spent was their magic contribution.

When you see a little one on Santa's lap, whether the expression is smile or scream (come on you know you have at least one picture on Santa's lap where you are convinced that beard is going to eat you) that moment is magic

When you are putting up the tree, and reliving each moment of the ornaments you have, that is magic. The lights on the tree, magic.

When you taste your first candy cane of the season, ( but seriously do we need 100 flavors of candy canes? what happened to the plain peppermint ones?) That is magic.

When you drive down the road and see the houses decked out in lights, and can smell the firewood burning in chimneys, that too is magic.

While I absolutely believe Jesus is the reason for the season, I do beleive in Santa Claus. No, I dont believe a Jolly old man with a nose like a cherry is going to come down my chimney, but i do believe that he certainly does exsist. And you cant take that away from me. So today, I leave everyone with homework... (ahh man. .I dont want to do it.. yea yea I know) If you believe in Santa Claus, leave me a comment.. loud and proud and comment back that you believe, because even if you dont believe in him, reassure me that someone else believes in the magic.


Anonymous said...

You know I believe!!! I love Christmas!! I got the best christmas present two years ago!! LOL You were sure trying to get yours last year werent you???

Tricia said...

yea little stubborn butt still made me wait 10 more days!