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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Screams

I know that today is supposed to be a day of rest. Traditionally speaking. Unfortunately nobody told Emily. She got up at 1:45 AM... fun stuff. She got up, she took her bottle and paci and laid down between us (yea I know you arent supposed to do that... sue me). She then was up growling at us for the next few hours every few minutes. Mainly because she is cutting her 7th and 8th tooth and is just really moody. fun stuff.

Finally at 7 AM I got out of bed and headed into the kitchen to grab something to drinnk.. my throat was killing me. Argh. The fridge is dead. The light is on, but the fridge is warm. Fabulous. Some stuff was still cold but most of it we had to toss. Really Fabulous. Thank God we have another one in the garage we can use today, so it can be fixed on Monday... but damn. This did not thrill me to see. trust me. Plus the cost of having to replace food etc really sucks, and I realize that its really not that big of a deal.. we saved alot.. I am just moody.

I posted a blog yesterday about the magic of the season, clearly i am the only person who sees it. I was hopeful someone else would see that there is a magic in the air, but nobody commented. So I must be alone. I guess this world has changed when we were young, when magic still exsisted and people still realized it. Dont mind me. I am in a aggrivated mood today, but really doesnt anyone believe?

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Eileen said...

By golly I believe!! (besides, don't you know?? if you admit you dont' believe you get less? lol)

All joking aside, there is *something* about the holiday spirit. I find myself, this year, "into" more than ever. Previous years have left me waiting until the week before Christmas to shop. Decorating was a chore to do, not something to be enjoyed.

This year i love it all! Even the crowd at walmart at 4am couldn't take the smile off my face!