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Monday, December 1, 2008

Not me Monday

Once again a charming blogger posted about Not me Monday, and once again, I am thrilled to participate in the fun.

I most certainly did NOT yell at the guy today who told me they couldnt come out and fix my refridgerator until tomorrow.....even though he deserved it. Nope not me.

I did not wake up every forty five minutes last night to the sound of a baby puking.. ;o( The poor thing was so miserable, she didnt want to be up anymore then we did and the fact that things were rumbling in her tummy faster then the lead car at a NASCAR race. (shes doing better today but we are still being cautious)

I did not bribe Mary to take her sister in the other room so I could have a five minute shower to wash the smell of said baby puke out of my hair.. yucky.

I did not argue with David over control of the TV because I wanted to watch Rachel Ray and he wanted to watch Noggin.

I did not grab a dr pepper because I was too lazy to walk outside to the fridge to get the creamer, not because its cold but because i didnt want to walk outside. Nope Not me.

I did not add clothes to the dryer that was only four items in it that werent completely dry because I wanted to get the laundry done NOW not later.

I did NOT thoroughly enjoy eating sugar cookies stephanie made last night and secretly wish Chuck would have made me tea to go with them even though I could have just made my own.

I did not forget to tell Chuck I love you when he was leaving this morning.. bad Tricia (btw I love you Chuck).

I did not wake up with a 20 lb cat sitting on me last night because mel wasnt home and when shes not here, I guess I am the second choice (he's such a whore).
and finally..
I am not leaving this as my only blog today because well 1) its a blog and it counts and 2) I am not in the mood to blog today.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Cute list. Sounds like stuff I do (rather do NOT do) on a regular basis. Now I am wanting a Dr. Pepper!

mommaof4wife2r said...

i also do not bribe my kids with movies to get a shower. so funny