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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eureka! we found him!!!!!!

No, not a missing pet... no, not a missing relative.. and no not my insensitive brothers 3 sizes too small heart.. we found HANDY MANNY!! We got David (ok Santa got David) the truck for Christmas.. we looked high and low and in about literally 12 stores.. NO luck. are you kidding me? I made the BAD joke that he was hiding from us.....but thankfully today, the K Mart pretty much everyone refers to as Ghettomart had sitting on their shelf not 1 but 2 Handy Manny's. WOOOHOOO!!! we quickly purchased both (one for David and one for Caleb) As I hit the belt buckle he says "Oh thank you.. Gracias" just hit me as sort of funny. ;o)~ Course with all the snarling and crying I have done over the past few days it was sort of nice to smile.. or have something to smile about.

Today, we cleaned the house from the holidays and unpacked, I told myself I was going to take down the tree but umm.. well it can wait another day or two. I promise by Emily and Mary's birthday it will probably be down. (that works right?). I love putting the Christmas stuff up, I loathe taking it down.. Last year it just magically disappeared.. which may or may not have been due to the fact that I was 100 years pregnant with Emily ;o)~ I think this year we will go with a Fairytale theme for Emily and Bratz for Mary. but next year since they are Em and M we may go with an M&M theme. I still have yet to find the one year birthday dress... or even shirt.. I will find one if not she has a really cute cupcake pillow case dress she got from Punk Rock padding (Christine is a dream over there!!! I am NOT the perfect mom as proved in an earlier blog.. I have not planned the party etc to the T.. but with six.. two on the SAME day (10 years and 3 minutes apart....that's talent) its sort of a challenge. I will figure it out, one day this week. I cant believe she's about to be one.. ;o( This was the baby that was supposed to go slow.. shes the end.. my exclamation point... sighs.

OK time to go watch The Sound of music with the kids (yes I have seen it a million times too but who doesn't love the music???). More tomorrow..

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ash said...

sound of music was on tv last night and I so stayed up watching it! LOVE that movie!