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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ready or Not.......

Today, is the day before Christmas eve.. AKA the day my sweet wonderful mother blows up my phone. She will call me anywhere from 10-20 times (in the next four hours) because she will want me to run from one side of the great Hampton Roads area to the other.. why? well there are roughly five reasons. 1) My mother does not drive, so I am her legs er her wheels. Well, except she lives 200 miles away and I am running on my own 2) My family while supportive for the most part.... doesn't always like to get involved to help (think about this for one second--we have dinner and presents for 20 some odd people and nobody likes to do Mom calls me.. the one who lives the furthest away.. make sense? if it does.. can you do me a favor and explain it to me? 3) She will make a decision, change her mind, alert the media, and then change her mind back or again, its one of moms quirks. 4) Mom is a little neurotic. don't get me wrong, my mother is the most awesome woman in the world, but... she definitely has a flair for the dramatic... which *I* may have inherited.. (stop laughing Chuck). 5) and finally, Mom will give me five or six different shopping lists.... the first one will be quick and easy, by the end though, I will be one of those idiots in walmart that people are cussing at because I am on the cell phone asking Mom "what do you wan if i can't find Yep, today is the day Verizon wireless makes a fortune off of me.. fun stuff.

Meanwhile...we have two days til Christmas and i am done shopping.. and WAIT it gets better.. head Elf number 1 even WRAPPED everything.. my goal is to be home tomorrow packing to go to my moms. That's my goal... now... if I thought for one second it could happen well that would be awesome.. however.... i am not stupid.. so I know it will not happen that way.. *sighs* (ok off topic) Emily is standing up against the TV watching Super Why.. and dancing to the music.. shes so darn cute.. ok.. back to my topic.....

We had David's ADHD appt....and David was in super active hyper active mode.. he zipped around like we fed him a 50 lb bag of sugar... and thats just David normally. The doctor didn't want to give the school their "label" and about had a conniption when i told them about the Vice Principal telling me that David can return when we "know whats wrong with him" @@ I have a five letter word for her.. rhymes with witch.. let me know when you get it.. ;oX bad Tricia I know.. but OMG. anyways... so they wrote a letter telling the school THEY have to get a child psychologist to evaluate him and do a child find study (which FYI I asked for in SEPTEMBER!) because they want their findings and then the will work on a solution. I so cant wait until January 5th to hand carry this letter to their school. ooh buddy.. ;o)~ lol

Ok.. and finally a great Christmas story.......So my mom sent me to buy a nativity set... we found a really cute little people nativity set, i called her half joking and said "well i found one.. its made by fisher price" she says "Thats the one I want" I was laughing .. but i bought it for her.. ;o)~ so i get it home and David sees it in my hatchback of my van, he says "whats that?" I said "thats for Nana" he says "but SHES OLD! and its a toy" LMAO. I called my mom who replied "Thanks a lot!" and laughed.. ;o)~ out of the mouth of babes.

More tomorrow assuming i can still type seeing as my keyboard is still super sticky on the inside from the soda i spilled inside of it on Sunday..woops.

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Mrs B said...

I am so impressed with you. You have so much going on and yet, you have all your Christmas stuff bought and wrapped. Wow, I want to be you when I grow up! :)

My husband and I fought last night and he ended up reading my blog as I sat in our room and cried...I think it helped.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

God bless.