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Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday...

Good Monday Morning today brings us to yet another wonderful rendition of Not me Monday.

I did NOT spill an almost fan can of soda on my laptop while on the phone with my mother and then begin to cry because I am at my wits end.. it always seems there is one more bill or something else and being broke sucks. I did NOT cry because what silly 37 year old would cry over such a thing? Not me.

I did NOT let my kids eat hot dogs and crescent rolls last night because I was too tired to make a good healthy dinner. Not me.

I did NOT get out of bed and search for the alleve because I felt like hell to find out it was in my room on Chucks bedside table. I did not groan audibily because I had wasted steps and felt like crud. Not me

I did NOT stop and watch PS I love you everytime it was on this weekend because I just love that movie.. Nope not me.

I did NOT play Sudoku while in the middle of this blog because I needed my "fix" cause that would be sad. Not me

Ok confessions are over.. i am off to get some stuff done to prepare for the trip to Alexandria.


Kimber said...

Happy NMM! Hope you feel better soon.

Mrs B said...

Is it sad that last week I made my kids crescent rolls and hotdogs and felt like the best mommy because I actually used the stove?

I hope this week goes great for you. Hopefully, you will get some awesome loot...maybe even something so nifty, I will be jealous. Ok, that won't take much. I am pretty sure Mr B won't be getting me anything even though he is supposed to. He used to be great in the gift department, now, I am lucky to get a card. :(

ash said...

funny you should mention P.S. I Love You...dinner and a trip to see that movie was my christmas present from my hubby last year. a special gift because he never goes to the movies and he knew how much I loved the book. funny thing is we never made the movie anyway!