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Monday, December 29, 2008

Not me Monday

I did not blog for three days about what a complete jerk my brother is.. even if it is true.. because that would be really screwed up of me.

I did not just cry at the end of Princess Diaries 2 even though I have seen it like six hundred times and I am just a sap.

I did not have to make myself blog today, because while I am typing this blog, my mother is in the hospital undergoing observation and tests to see if she had a minor stroke or something more. ;o( (Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers)

I did not just witness Emily get changed for the FOURTH time today as she has found M&M's, other chocolate (man.. does it make anyone else nervous when you see something brown around your childs mouth and they are only sitting around 4 feet from the litter box..) and then she found ketchup on the plate David left on the couch. .fun stuf......

I did not really almost stay in bed today because I didnt want to get up..

I did not avoid posting here, all the results from last weeks tests for David, because I am still in a panic about it. David is getting that stupid label the school wanted, but its so much more then we thought it was going to be. :o( Which is sort of hard to handle.

I did not just get all the way through this blog, wondering with every word I type if my mom is ok. and how would I survive if shes ever not.. :o(

More later on today, I am sure when I know what is up with my mom.. please also keep Stellan in your prayers, he belongs to the mommy who started Not Me Monday and is not doing very well.

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Mrs B said...


I am praying for you girl. Your yoke is so heavy. You are definitley my hero for still breathing. God bless you.