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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Whats up Wednesday?

Welcome to another rousing edition of what's up Wednesday... Ok.. maybe not rousing.. but it sounded better then "welcome to another round of Tricia's daily Blog because she doesn't want to pay a doctor to tell her she's nuts. ;o)~

What's up? I forget how little Emily is until I see another baby her age near her or talk to someone from the mommy board. she is just fitting into 6-9 month clothes, and actually had on a pair of 3-6 month pants earlier that fit. yipes. Tiny little girl.

What''s up? Speaking of peanut, she took a few steps the other night, and is getting more daring (letting go and standing to drink her bottle) this is exciting but sad. I am not ready for her to stop being dependent yet.. but believe me.. SHE is :o)~
What's up? I am really enjoying looking at my fireplace and seeing the stockings hung by the chiminey with care. Its just so festive.. and considering in the past few years its been a struggle to even WANT to put the tree up, this is nice.
What's up? My mother is a saint.. enough said.
What's up? Mel has some horrible creepy crud, she sounds like butt her throat hurts oh and she compared the feelings of eating warm grits to sex.. either a) I need to eat more grits or b) she needs to get out more. :o)
What's up? I thought it was hysterical that someone brought up the Incredibles and the cape yesterday. I had forgotten all about that.. so sighs.. no cape. sighs.
What's up? I still have no idea how to make 6 pictures into one picture, so I officially give up. Some day I will learn..
What's up? a good friend called me today, her family is struggling, and she asked me to bail them out. I had to tell her no. While I feel for the situation, I am not in the position where I can do that right now. I did offer her some suggestions, but even with knowing we can't help I feel awful for saying no. (I am a fixer. .if i can fix a problem I want to)
Whats up? speaking of problems.. Chuck used Nikias potty last night, left the door open and her angel girl got in there and threw something in the magical spinning pot (the toilet) and now they have to call a plumber.. we feel terrible. .and we are sorry :o(
What't up? Chucks back is tweaked badly..:o( he's in a lot of pain and yet still getting up and going to work every day.. my ex would have been in bed and not moved for the week. so while i feel for Chuck, I am inspired and impressed by his work ethic.
Ok time to get some stuff done around the house... hopefully going to do christmas pictures tonight.


Karen said...

Mels needs to get out......grits can NEVER be THAT good!!

I am off to play in with your kids pictures for ok that doesnt really sound good does it??

Mrs B said...

Hey Tricia...nice to meet you. I am Tricia too! Funny huh?

What we don't have in common is baby sizes. My four month old is over 17 lbs...he's eating me out of house and home!

You have a beautiful family and your blog is super cute!