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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mumble Mumble Growl.

Yea I know, another weird title, what can I say as I get close to 100 blogs, I realize I am not as creative as I once thought. But I still have alot to say, and sometimes I think there is probably at least one person out there listening (and I don't even pay him.. thanks Chuck). Emily is still getting over the ending of her tummy flu.. the worst part about when it hits a little bitty, is it always seems to aim for the tail end the longest. She is starting to get over it, but at the same time the second she poops, she wants to be changed, ok yes we all get that because who would EVER want to sit in it. Its just not fun when its 1 AM, and then she doesn't want to go back to sleep. Sleep is for sissies... and dammit. I wanna be a sissy. I am so tired and I got to sleep longer then my poor dear husband who got up to go to work at 7 this morning, and Emily and I went back to sleep until near 8.

Last night, my heart was broken. David said to me "I miss school" :o( that made me so sad.. and angry. I was up thinking about it last night after Emilys wake up call. While I do understand he misbehaves, the wording that the vice principal used with me is grating on my nerves. "He can come back when we know whats wrong with him" When did a label become SO important? why are we trying to label a four year old? She said to me "He's smart" ok so she sees hes smart yet she wants a label? Is anyone else confused about this or is it just me? And while I know David is totally alot to handle.. trust me. . the kid has the energy of 100 hyenas all at one time, I don't understand how the label will help. what does it then make it ok if he's a jerk but he's a jerk with ADHD? Or does it mean they can move him to a different area of the building rather then call Chuck thirty minutes after the day starts because he has ADHD. So rather then just treat him LIKE this is his lovely label so he doesn't miss a month of school (the earliesit appt was Dec 23), then you would rather have him miss out and wait for his label. This just doesn't make sense to me. growl.

I completely have no ide a what is for dinner tonight. Does that make me the worst mom ever or what? its already 9:20 and I have no clue. Food. I know that is part of it, does it count? Sighs. I will have to ask Chuck what hes in the mood for. hmmmm text messaged him. I got the "I dunno" hes just no help lol. Ok I think we have decided on a meal together (we got skills). Its not earth shattering exciting but the kids eat it so that works (hamburger helper)After eating so much bird this past week (turkey and chicken) I have to have some beef before I start to spit out feathers.

ok off to clean the house up some and then chill out with my two little ones.. more later.

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My Three Sons said...

Trish sorry the school is such a pita. As a mom, the "label" helped me, but you're right I don't see what it matters to the school. Either they can handle him or they can't, "knowing" isn't going to make a difference.
Anyway, I'm here if you ever need to chat.