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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Whats up Wednesday?

Today is the second helping of "Whats up Wednesday" So on with the show eh?

Whats up? See that cool picture on the top, Mel made it. Isnt it pretty?

Whats up? We got our new fridge yesterday, its black and really nice! and bigger then the last one. Now everything in my kitchen matches.. except my microwave. Oh well I will live.

Whats up? Last night in a period of ten minutes I wanted to kill David and then kiss David. Kill him for opening up one of Marys gifts I had in the closet.. grrr. my fault. it was in the Disney store bag and the sight of Mickey Mouse on a bag is somewhat inviting.. I take full responsibility. Then I wanted to kiss him because he asked for a Ham and Cheese sandwich, two days before he went to the cleaned out fridge and yelled to Stephanie and I "OH NO! Where did all the cheese go??" he was devestated. So we told him to get everything out, he says "but how its all gone?" we told him to go look and we hear across the house "Oh THANK BOB! Its back" the only person I have ever heard refer to God as Bob was the Rugrats and he has been watching the movies alot lately.. made me smile.

Whats up? I somehow broke the ' key on my keyboard so if you happen to notice some of my puncuation sucks well it will until I can get it fixed.. its still usable but a real PITA to do it. Ah well I will survive

Whats up? I found the first two books of the Sookie Stackhouse series and even though my lousy rotten spouse STOLE the first book from me, I got it today (because he reads super fast)I will give my review when I am done. These are the books based on True Blood.. and they may just pacify me until next summer when the series returns.

Whats up? have I mentioned how pretty my Christmas tree is? this is the first year I can say I LOVE our tree. Its just so pretty to look at and makes me want to bust out in a chorus of FA LA LA LA LA LAs but I will spare you

Whats up? I finally figured out what I want for Christmas... and I am not posting it here..that would make it to easy for Chuck . But I will drop him hints and hopefully he will figure it out.

Ok I am gonna go grab a shower and become human..more later. Different blog time, same Blog Channel. *Muah*

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