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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where's my cape......

I want a cape, and it better be cute and not weird looking.. I deserve cute

ooo ooo and I want a theme song. definitely a theme song

Because lately I feel like I must be super mom, or at the very least auditioning for the role. Recently, I have found myself able to leap to a screaming baby in a single bound. Able to make dinner out of four items in the fridge, freezer and pantry. Able to make things work even when they don't want to. Able to clean a house, change a diaper and let the dog out within five minutes of the first scratch at the door. Able to clean the bathroom after a four year old misses (ok.. any mother or father of a little boy.. so gets this).. Able to catch the cup before it spills (that was a special super power but he had milk and it was NOT hitting my carpet). Able to flip a burger, fry a french fry, and make a meal before the first child can get out a full "I am starving" Able to lend an ear when needed, able to scream a deafening yell when needed. Able to clean a room, and sort out clothes.

Super Mom? Nah.. just me. Just a mom who tries to get it done, tries to make it work, and all without special effects.. but really just once... I really would like a theme song and a cape :o)~


Mrs B said...

Haven't you seen The Incredibles? Capes are dangerous!!! :) But a theme song for the dance we call, "getting it all done" would be awesome!

God Bless!

Tricia said...

awww man. . i forgot!! what about a really cute tshirt?