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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just five more minutes mom...

No, its not the kids.. its me. i am so worn out. I would love to be in bed but between Chuck having drill and me having to keep the van, to Emily who has decided she was ready to be up nice and bright and early today (thanks Emily) Ok it probably didn't help that we were all up thanks to the alarm clocks going off and the fact that she decided to blow up a diaper (no really.. THANKS Emily). Shes sitting on the floor playing, i am watching her and blessing AJ who is manning the coffee pot. God Bless that boy.

I think the crockpot and I are going to put dinner on by about 11:30 today. (spaghetti and meatballs) because its so much easier then making anyhing challenging. Besides the length a big pot of spaghetti and meatball stretches sort of rocks in this house...with the exception of David who hates spaghetti. I have never seen a kid in my life who hates red sauce... he loves pasta... will eat the meat balls will not touch them altogether. Yep.. he's a freak. :o)~

I just noticed the bottom of the tree is missing lights and ornaments.. no no not the baby.. the flipping felines. They have managed to pull the lights down and for that matter the ornaments. stupid cats. argh. AJ is fixing it as we speak. I will just have to remember to take all my pictures from the top to the middle eh? And to think i was warned about Emily and thre tree and while she will touch it.. she mostly leaves it alone.

Ok so whos ready for Christmas? Of the kids i will say I think I have 3 of the 6 done. I will work on the other ones in the next few days and finish them too. teenagers are impossible to shop for they are so spoiled nowadays, they all have ipods (well except AJ who either lost his or had it stolen depending on who you ask), the request this year from Stephanie was for clothes. Danny wants video games, and I am pretty sure AJ will want something/everything Mets or Redskins related.. cause well he's AJ. As for Chuck, I am not sure what to get him this year.. it will come to be.. probably the 24th at 5 PM but I will figure it out.

Ok I am off to shower and start my day, more later.

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