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Saturday, December 6, 2008

100? WOW!

Today is my 100th Blog. I have posted at least one blog every day.. yes I know I cut it close a few times but i made it. So today is Random discoveries day.....100 of them. Ready? Set.. GO!

1. I have discovered blogging is therapy, only the doctor is the keyboard, and the couch is wherever I have plopped to blog.
2. I have discovered that for every true friend you have, you have 3 more that are good friends but not true.
3. I have discovered that while Chuck can drive me batty, I am the lucky one. I have a husband who loves me, even when I am in a mood. He has seen me at my best and my worst and still loved me.
4. I have discovered my kids are amazing people, and as they grow up I look forward to seeing what they will do with their lives.
5. I have discovered that mistakes are ok, and that you don't have to be perfect.
6. I have discovered that My family does genuinely love each other, we may forget it sometimes, but we really do.
7. I have discovered that blogging is an addiction, and I don't want a 12 step program
8. I have discovered that while I may not always love myself, I am trying harder to at least like myself.
9. I have discovered that the smell of a fresh baked cookie is sometimes as good as sex.
10. I have discovered that pink is my favorite color on Emily
11. I have discovered that while I am glad I am done being pregnant, I am sad that Emily's first birthday will be the last first birthday we celebrate.
12. I have discovered that 100 is a BIG number and I am only on 12!
13. I have discovered you don't have to spend a million dollars on the holidays to make them special, a nice tree, pretty ornaments, and even dollar tree stockings can look great when its done with love.
14. I have discovered that my dog loves to eat diapers.. so gross.
15. I have discovered that AOL isn't as good as it used to be, they took away our message boards, and while Brandi rocks for creating one on Cafemom, I really miss AOL.
16. I have discovered that I need more recipes.
17. I have discovered that AJ may never be a pro baseball player but whatever he plays at he will do it with all his heart always.
18. I have discovered that Danny may not always think he can do things, but when he puts his mind to it, he can do anything
19. I have discovered that Stephanie is my hero.. shes bright and vibrant, and everyone needs a daughter just like her.
20. I have discovered Mary's imagination is wild, she can come up with so many different things
21. I have discovered David is a sponge and the people at his school SUCK
22. I have discovered Emily is my sunshine, when things are sad and depressing I grab that little girl who is so fresh and ready for a new adventure every day and she makes me smile
23. I have discovered that living in your own home is so much better then living in a house you hate.
24. I have discovered I owe my husband the world for everything he does for us
25. I have discovered people take advantage of me, because I let them.
26. I have discovered that I need to STOP doing that.
27. I have discovered that 100 is REALLY REALLY A big damn number
28. I have discovered that towels may go in a teenagers room, but they don't always come out.
29. I have discovered not much does come out of a teenagers room
30. I have discovered I may get over but I will never grow up
31. I have discovered that I miss having a Pooh watch (Christmas hint Chuck)
32. I have discovered that ER's last season is so far my favorite.. and that makes me sad its the last.
33. I have discovered Charlaine Harris who wrote the Sookie Stackhouse series is a little disturbed and I think we would be GREAT friends.
34. I have discovered I miss seeing Nikia and we need to fix that soon
35. I have discovered my nephew Keith is an amazing man, and I just hope his parents see it.
36. I have discovered that all my neice and nephews are pretty damn great
37. I have discovered hearing Extreme Home Makeover is a great show to watch when you need good old fashioned cry.
38. I have discovered when a pacifier goes missing at 3 AM, it is DEFINTIELY a BAD thing.
39. I have discovered that real women admit they snore.. guilty!
40. I have discovered that hyper active kittens need to be strung up by their tails
41. I have discovered that I love taking pictures but I will never be near the quality of some of the ladies on my January board (Lisa is so incredibly talented and I am jealous)
42. I have discovered that I need to give a shout out to Eileen who reads and comments .. HI EILEEN!!
43. I have discovered that Emily thinks the best room to play in is mary and Davids and that scares me lol
44. I have discovered sometimes its hard to tell someone when they are hurting your feelings even when you think they should realize it first.
45. I have discovered that 5:30 AM comes too damn early no matter what day of the week it is.
46. I have discovered that Chuck needs to change the alarm clocks on his phone. lol
47. I have discovered that I don't care if other people in the house get annoyed about our alarm clocks because they are ours and its our house .. so f em. Pay rent.. pay utilities then you can bitch.. don't contribute shut your trap.
48. I have discovered that people who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones
49. I have discovered that Emily is serious as cute as she can be!
50. I have discovered backgammon on my cell phone is an addiction
51. I have discovered the missing key on my laptop isn't so bad, I can make it work.. for now.
52. I have discovered that I have no idea what to get Chuck for Christmas
53. I have discovered that the movie the Notebook will always make me cry.
54. I have discovered another towel is about to escape to the teenage abyss (AKA stephanies room) as she just got out of the shower.. damn.
55. I have discovered that baby feet are precious until they turn into stinky little boy or girl feet. blech
56. I have discovered that I have alot of highlights from 2008 (Emily, the new house,etc)
57. I have discovered if I could change anything in history, it would be my dad dying. I miss him.
58. I have discovered Mary is as cute as she can be even though she is more hormonal then me, Stephanie and Lily put together
59. I have discovered hearing "your a good mommy" from my kids no matter what age makes me smile.
60. I have discovered that 100 is a REALLY big number.. damn
61. I have discovered that Jeff Dunham is hilarious but in a weird way Peanut is funnier .yea I know same guy.. but Peanut is so someone different.
62. I have discovered my last thought made NO sense
63. I have discovered rambling is ok. .its my blog. hahaha
64. I have discovered that sometimes the first sip of the morning cup of coffee can make the choirs of angels sing in my head
65. I have discovered DR Pepper should come in IV form
66. I have discovered AJ is the one kid EVERYONE needs one of, he is awesome he does everything he is asked and some stuff he isn't
67. I have discovered that David knew how to talk all along andwas snowing us the whole time.
68. I have discovered that the sound of kids fighting has to happen in more houses then JUST this one.. please??
69. I have discovered that more people need to believe in Santa and make this world a bit nicer.
70. I have discovered that some day AJ and I are going to go on a road trip to NY and see the Mets play
71. I have discovered that I am glad OJ went to jail yesterday, and while it may be 13 years too late and for a crime he probably wouldn't have gotten 17 1/2 years for if he wasn't OJ it was really nice to see him locked up.. cause I think he did it
72. I have discovered as happy I am that there is a new President coming in to office, I don't believe the war in Iraq will end and we will all sing Kumbaya.
73. I have discovered that one of these days I have got to get back to Mass
74. I have discovered that freecyle and craigslist are addictions and for that I may just need a 12 step program.. nah
75. I have discovered that even though I have receiving blankets I should pass on, I just can't let them go.. not yet. I am not ready.
76. I have discovered maybe I will find out how to make a quilt out of them. ooo an idea!! go me
77. I have discovered that the Disney store is my favorite place to go in a Mall.
78. I have discovered that kisses from a four year old who says "I need to give you a kiss" are the sweetest kisses.. until you find out he just wants to go on the computer.. MOM!
79. I have discovered that the greatest words ever from a four year old are "I gotta blow my nose" because it gives hope he won't use his sleeve
80. I have discovered that I have ALOT on my mind
81. I have discovered that in 2009 I am going to make a real effort to lose weight.. because I am tired of not liking the me in the mirror that looks back
82. I have discovered that Perez Hilton is hilariously funny, a bit crass but really funny.
83. I have discovered that while the families on TLC (The Roloffs, the Goslings and the Duggars) all sort of disturb me, they also all intrique me.
84. I have discovered that no video channel shows Videos anymore.. its more shows and oh btw heres a song.
85. I have discovered that the sock monster in the dryer DOES exsist
86. I have discovered a good movie, a good book, and even a good song are priceless considering all the crap thats out there nowadays
87. I have discovered one should never underestimate the power of chocolate
88. I have discovered that if I had money I would love to buy Emily a special shirt for her first birthday, but I don't so she will be ok in a regular shirt.
89. I have discovered that I can't wait for her to get her smash cake
90. I have discovered that this Christmas is exciting because it will be the first one David is excited about and because its Emilys first.
91. I have discovered that shopping for teenagers is impossible.
92. I hve discovered teenagers themselves are impossible.
93. I have discovered that Stephanie NEEDS her bangs cut (I know I know its the style but man.. she better never fall asleep near me and scissors)
94. I have discovered that the barking Jingle Bells song annoys the hell out of the dog.
95. I have discovered that the words "Whatever" are grounds for murder
96. I have discovered it doesn't matter who says "whatever" it makes homicide justifiable in my book
97. I have discovered my reindeers are cuter then Santa's
98. I have discovered that random acts of kindness are awesome and dont happen nearly enough.
99. I have discovered that I have been blogging for over an hour!
100. I have discovered that in these past 100 blogs, i have shared alot more of myself then I ever have. I am glad that I started the blog, and if you ever read it and smiled I am happy. Stay tuned I promise there will be NOT be 200 discoveries

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