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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reasons why I will NOT win mom of the year

there are so many reasons why this award has slipped through the clutches, and i feel inclined to share them with you today.. my blog. .my rules.. :oP

1) I yell. I don't hit but I yell. and somedays I curse. alot. see its not that i am mean, its that I have six kids and I have to be heard. is that an excuse? well no not really.. but its just one of the reasons why I will not be 2008s mom of the year

2) I let my kids eat foods that aren't organic and 100% perfect for you. Yep, I said it. I let them eat bad for you foods. They eat the fast food stuff.. .why because its easy and because I am tired. Yep... again another reason I will not be 2008s mom of the year

3) I dont take them to see Santa or the Easter Bunny. No, the trauma on the face of Mary the last time I tried is still too fresh in my mind.. the bad part is that was umm 9 years ago. See no, i am not gonna get 2008s mom of the year award for not taking my kids to be traumatized... but hey shouldn't I get a point for being good??

4) oooh speaking of Mary. I will NOT be Mom of the year because I am not the perfect parent.. she proved that yesterday when she got in trouble in school and announced to the staff "I am tired of this No, i am not perfect, 1) because she said it and 2) because I have grounded her until February 2009. (hey I am generous with that.. her father (My ex) suggested we send her to reform school or put her up on Ebay)

5) no, I am not gonna win the mom of the year award, because my kids don't have warm fresh baked cookies waiting when they get off the bus, or notes in their lunchboxes.. ok they don't take lunchboxes, they prefer to "get their lunch" at school and only need me for field trips.. (which may i add I make a GREAT lunch for.. and NO not a lunchable... well except that one time..I was weak.. sue me)

6) I am not gonna be the perfect mom because my kids do chores.. chores? HOW rude!! what kind of mother would make her children do chores?? Me. Yep. I sure do. Do they do them? Well um. Sometimes.. other times I find myself well see number 1.

7) Mom of the year slipped away from me, because I have let them stay up and watch TV, play video games, and basicall waste their brain power. Yep, i let my kids be couch potatoes.

8) sometimes they don't wear outfits that match, or arent put together perfectly or God Forbid sometimes we have to threaten the teenage alien boy with

9) sometimes I watch movies or shows and I cry.. and sometimes i cry just because well cause I can cry.. and good moms perfect moms never let them see you sweat. well dammit I do!!! i am emotional. so i lost my award

But ya know, for all my faults, I have kids who love me, kids who will randomly give me hugs (even teenage alien kids) that has to speak for something right? so while 2008s award will go to the mom with the organic meals, who doesn't yell, who makes martha stewart look like she is domestically challenged, to the mom who is perfect. And she can have it. I'll take my hugs and kisses over an award any day ;o)~

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