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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Stammers........

So. the Redskins just lost to the Bengals.......... Chuck's team is the Bengals. If that was NOT bad enough... losing to the Bengals is similiar to well. .ya know that kid in kindergarten who is just really obnoxious and does the whole na nee na nee boo boo thing? yep.. you are now living my life. Yea we all trash talked this week a bit....... because well its the Bengals vs the Skins... but the thing is....they should NOT be losing this game.. oh well.. Goodbye Playoffs.. our only solace is.. well... the Bengals are playing the spoilers... but they arent going either.. only 3 more months to baseball season starts (preseason and we got K-Rod so F you very much Chuck...we'll see whos team does better at baseball huh?)

This morning started off wonky anyways because Mary got up with an attitude... which just doesn't sit well with me to begin with, but then she starts a fight to end all fights.. Mary's favorite comment is "YOU ARE NOT MY DAD" to Chuck... That comment irritates the living hell out of me. While Chuck is NOT her birth father... and yes, my ex is involved with the kids (and I would have it no other way), Chuck works his ass off for this family. He gets up and works 7 days a week half the damn time. He works 3 jobs to make sure they are clothed, fed, and have not just any roof but a nice damn roof over their head. It annoys the HELL out of me when that statement is made. No matter what kid says it. But this morning, it was like lighting a fire under my tail. I pulled her aside after world war 3 blew up, and told her that she was completely out of line. I even called GW and got him involved, he agreed with me and Chuck that Mary was wrong.. but even more so, and this is proof the end of the world is coming.... Stephanie, Danny and AJ all agreed that Mary was wrong. The thing is, Yes, we are a combined family.. and yes we have drama.. sometimes fueled by Chucks short fuse, but they are lucky to have someone who 1) took on four kids that were not his by birth and made them his 2) loves them unconditionally and 3) works his ass off for them and for all of us. Growls.. hopefully they all know that and if not, hopefully at some point they will..

Alright, i am off to go sort toys we have three piles "Trash, freecycle and keep" does it ever blow anyone else away that the keep pile is always the biggest pile even though "We have nothing to play with and we are SO bored" mmm hmm.. ok more tomorrow.. with Not me Monday

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