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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Misc Mumblings of a woman gone mad......

Ok seriously its not that bad.. but... its gotten rather close. First of all, my mom update. My mom is still in the hospital, she had a minor stroke, which is more then a mini stroke but not quite a full stroke. she just told me a few minutes ago her head is pounding and I made her call her nurse. I am nervous that even though it may be nothing something big might be brewing and it scares the hell out of me. I can handle alot, but losing my mother would be something that would send me over my edge. They have given us a few whammys today none that were that shocking but it still sort of sucks to be so far away. Mom has diabetes (not altogether a shock.. nana had it), Mom has high chlosterol (moms ingredients on her potato "salt, butter, sour cream, butter and salt" (think i am kidding? ask chuck) and they are doing an echocardiogram to see if she has congestive heart failure. they have her on blood thinners, and she is on a water pill for something (I am not sure what). They tried an MRI last night, but she is claustrophobic and she freaked out. :o( So we will see what tomorrow brings. But as of now she is stable.

Today, I took Mary to her birthday luncheon (her birthday is Monday with Emilys), we took her two best friends and her bestfriends Mom Kenya (who is a very good friend of mine) we went to Cinema Cafe and saw Bolt. Two things 1) This movie is completely adorable..we laughed and laughed and laughed and 2) Rhino the Hamster kicks butt!! hes so cute too!!!! Hes just a fat happy hamster guy who loves Bolt. (you have to see this movie.. TRUST me.. Mommy's don't lie)... isn't he just a doll???

I even made the girls goody bags.. we found bangle bracelets and really wild socks on clearance at walmart and put those, some lipglosses that were on clearance, and some candy in there. The girls were tickled ;o)~ and it was cheap! bonus.

I finally found Emily a dress for her birthday and a crown ;o)~ lol. she doesnt like the crown as much as Stephanie and I do. .but we arent trying to entertain her.. we are trying to entertain us lol. the first birthday cake is to entertain her right? Just saying...I can't believe Emily is going to be one.. heck I can't even believe Mary will be 11. sighs. I am getting old. Ok.. seriously.. Mary is running out to the garage to get Lazy sister a soda... I had to interupt my blog to tell you guys this.. the child is wearing a redskins hoodie.. knee socks that go to her thighs and elf slippers.... sexy.. really.

Edited to show you I was not lying.. this is a crappy pic taken with my cell but you will get the gist.. i am not sure you can miss it:

Ok more tomorrow.. :o)~ Please still keep Stellan in your prayers and my mom Betty.

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