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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good bye Old hello New

Today is the day before the new year, we watch as 2008 comes to a close. In 2008 we added Miss Emily to our family, we moved from a crime driven area to a genuinely nice area, and we learned some important life lessons along the way. We met some wonderful people, we said goodbye to some people who we needed to get away from, and we said good bye to some that we were sad to see go. With the close of 2008, we welcome 2009 with open arms, we wait with watchful eyes to see if our economy can bounce back, if campaign promises will be fulfilled and if change is really coming or just a clever word used to get elected. I am ready to see what happens but I am also worried for the economy, I am worried for our family that we won't survive this horrible mess we are all in. But I look forward to what is coming new..

Every year we all make New years resolutions, we all do it.. by January 5 we all question what the hell we were thinking and do what we can to break them as fast as humanly possible.. ok we all may not do that.. but I do. This year i have three.. without further aideau.. .

Tricia's New Years Resolutions:

1) I plan on losing weight so I can look in the mirror and like me. My goal is to give up on my beloved Dr Pepper.. ok.. not completely.. cutting off Dr Pepper totally would be dangerous... for my husband and children. So instead I will cut back to one a day (and no chuck it wont be my 7-11 cup full :oX) I plan on drinking more water and exercising more

2) I plan on stop spending money like I am a millionaire, to stick to my budget. I can do this, it will be a challenge but I can do it. Make a grocery list and stick to it and dont shop when I am emotional. Hmm do I get one last emotional shopping trip goodbye? No i don't need it.. sniffle..

3) I plan to dance like nobody is watching, laugh outloud one time each day, and love like nobodys business. ;o)~ Come on 2009...bring it on.

These are my plans.. now to stick with them.. THAT will be the catch ;o)~ Wish me luck! Happy 2009 to everyone, if you are going out, please be safe. If you are staying in, drink one for me!!


Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

Tricia, your lists both sound much like mine...except we haven't excaped our crime riden neighborhood! If you get a chance I'd LOVE if you went and post a link to your post in my New Years blog carnival!!! And you can include a link to the post on my blog here if you want to :)

Mrs B said...

Get you some girl! I know you can do it. Tomorrow, I visit my long suffering friend, YMCA at the ungodly hour of 8 AM. :)

OldWomansOldMan said...

hey mrsb if 8am is ungodly imagine what 530 is when i have drill.... the roosters crawl back in the barn lol:-)