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Sunday, December 21, 2008

So so much Sunday

So this morning Chuck and I woke up at 10 AM (yea I know. .I hate us too), and we immediately got to work cleaning our room. No, we are not Oscar the grouch and it wasn't that bad.. but we had mounds of clothes that had to be put away. As easy as it is to wash and fold, lately the putting away has escaped me.. its ridiculous to say that we have too many clothes right? well, we do. but sadly. as much as we have. Emily is worse.. someone who works with Chuck gave him a 32 gallon trash bag FULL of little girl clothes.. Inside were some of the worlds cutest outfits I have ever seen..... and name brand stuff too. But Emily now owns... 62 pairs of pants :oX and I gave a bunch away on freecycle. My mom started to laugh out loud when I told her that too. it really is sad. She has two full drawers of long sleeve shirts, two drawers of dresses, a full drawer of size medium and large onesies and so many short sleeve shirts and summer clothes that I figure next year at this time we MAY need to buy clothes.. its actually a little sad. We did go through and fill a box of stuff for someone from freecycle and we also filled a Disney store bag (the great big ones) for some friends who have had some issues lately. I am glad we are so blessed to have so much, and so many friends who have helped us (Karen <3, class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_5">Nikia <3)

We did our family "mini Christmas" yesterday...we do a nice family meal (this year we did the worlds easiest meal.. we made cheesy chicken and rice casserole with rolls and a cake for dessert. And we take the kids stockings early in the day, and we refill them... I knew this was going to be exciting this year because David is VERY into Santa. So i pointed out that the stockings were gone, and he said "oh no! my socks!" I said its ok.. santa must have taken them. And then Chuck (Mr Claus), Stephanie (head elf) and I (Mrs Claus) stuffed the stockings in the van, while we ran around getting a few other last minute things. We came home, he, David, AJ and Emily went on a drive and Mary (mini elf 1) and Danny (mini elf 2) helped us get everything down stairs to the living room. And then I made "The call" to Mr Claus.. I said put me on speaker phone and I told him to hurry home that Santa had been here and left presents to which David said "DAD! hurry up and drive!" They got home and we did our Christmas here, the reason we do this is two fold 1) so we can do this as our family and 2) so we dont have to cart as much stuff up to my moms. So the following gifts were received:

Emily got a winnie the pooh activity table that I got on sale on Black Friday, this thing is DARLING and she loves it. oooh and she got a birdie cage Xylophone, and a shirt because obviously after what i told you all earlier you see she really needed clothes.. um. ok not so much. but its cute it says "hug me, kiss me, hold me!" and she got her stocking that was stuffed with fun stuff.

David got a Little Einsteins laptop, which is perfect because he is VERY into letters and numbers, he got the Little einsteins Baton (ITS NOT A WAND MOM! its LEOs BATON!.. mea culpa.. mea culpa.. mea MAXIUM culpa) and he got Hungry Hungry hippos..i have heard about this game FOREVER I knew he had to have it, now I will just pray we never find one of the little white balls in Emilys diaper ewww.. and he also got his stocking filled with stuff that was fascinating.. um. for a four year old.

Mary.. well Mary came REAL close to getting coal.. but i was good. instead she got a tinkerbell handheld game, a Baby Bratz doll (hurry up and get these if you haven't they go off the market in January and most places have started clearancing them already), and she got her ipod shuffle... may I say this child has been a DOLL the past day.. gee i wonder why? :o)~ oh and her stocking.

AJ ooh we got him good.. he asked for a hoodie (check), a Mets skull cap (check), an Ipod (oh yea we got him GOOD.. he didnt see this coming at all), a handheld baseball game, a watch and his stocking... not as exciting as toys but he asked for the hoodie and hat.. so we did good ;o)~ btw, mary and David got watches too..

Danny got the new Harry Potter book that JK Rowling put out.. its real short but he was tickled.. Danny is a book junkie, Danny also got head phones for his Ipod he got last year, Three lego characters you build and they do something.. I know I know I should know.. but I don't... sighs.. oh and a battleship game (yes the handheld games are for the car to avoid hearing "shes looking at me" "hes touching me" "how much longer?") No watch for danny, he got one for his birthay, but he did get a stocking.

Stephanie got her makeup set that she begged me for.. I am talking she offered to clean her room FOREVER...she got her sunglasses (big and blingy.. so teenager), and two new shirts.. I said "not very exciting" she says "all materialistic SO cool!" um ok. weirdo. .she got her stocking too.

Chuck got his presents, he got a watch with a gadgetty knife (boys and their toys), The new JD Robb book (no, I dont know the name.. I dont read them lol), a hand held game of Press your luck.. and then he got me.. good. I mean.. I am talking I didnt see it coming... And for chuck thats impressive.. I got a tea pot (I love hot tea and really wanted one) that I am told was from the kids, then I got a hoodie (mine was religious.. it was very holy haha i kill me), then he gave me a sudoku hand held game.. woohoo!! and finally.....i got a watch.. a really pretty my first grown up watch. its so pretty!! I am proud. wow he got me good.. shocking.

Ok that was mini christmas we even made a "grinch cake" it was green :o)~ with red frosting.. and we were having a great night.. until.......

My brother Gregg called.. he says "whatcha doing?" (playing mini golf and getting mad that chuck was beating me..) "what do you want to be doing?" (going to bed so i can stop losing) so he says Joshua apparently called him and cut his fingers on a bailer (The machine that crushes boxes.. see now you know what its called.. my blog is educational too) he cut his middle finger and ring finger and pointer.. (makes that whole where is pointer game sort of hard.. well good thing is hes a little big for it huh?), anyways I ask "what hospital is he at?" he replies with pure man smarts " I dont know" Grrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt.. somehow I manged to find him (see I NEED a theme song) went to check on him, and I am very happy to say it was not as bad as we originally all thought... while he did need 3 stitches on the middle finger, sterile strips across his middle finger nail, and one stitch on his other finger.. all is well that ends well.. thank heavens!!

Ok on that note. .I am off to try and get some stuff done.. Have a nice day and remember be good!! Santas watching!!!!

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