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Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday....

With the day on the calendar, we see that today is Monday, and therefore it is time for Not me Monday.

I did not feel myself age at least 10 years this morning, when my son Daniel turned 15 years old, making me the mother of a 17, 15, 14, 10(almost 11), 4 and 11 months old (almost 1) . wow. hard to believe how time has flown by. it was NOT me who feels 50 instead of 37.

I did not look at pictures of me with disgust and anxiety this morning, as i realize that i feel as big as a house. I did not question whether I should just stop eating altogether or do something else exreme.

I did not argue with Chuck about the football game, even though he is still going on and I told him yesterday to drop it.

I did not become further annoyed today about a phone call I received, that made me question why I try and accomplish anything, because for every two steps forward I get pushed two steps back.

I did not try and think of the best way to tell someone that I am just miserable, and I am not sure how to fix that issue.

I did not really enjoy that Saturday I spent all day with Chuck doing Christmas shopping and being out, and i did not become slightly sad when he reached out and touched my arm a few times that night, or kissed my hand and i realized i could not remember the last time he did that.

I did not just audibly get excited because Muppets Christmas Carol is on the Disney family movie channel and its one of my FAVORITE Christmas movies..ok maybe i did do that one ;o)


Eileen said...

ok we talked how did we not realize our kids share birthdays??? Today is Brianna's 6th birthday...I, too, did not age. I'm lying. I feel soooo old!! ::sobs::

Tricia said...

how sad!! happy birthday Brianna!!!!!

Mrs B said...


Coming from a mom of six, I really appreciate the vote of confidence!

I am glad you and your sweetie got some time together. Its hard enough to get out with three. I couldn't imagine six!

-The other Tricia