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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

5 favorites.

Yet another email has been sent with 5 favorites and different items you are supposed to list. I figured again, I would post it as a blog. I just don't want to litter mail boxes with more junk mail to listen to the groans... the don't send them back no, but i know they are groaning as i know I groaned.. secretly I am posting this because I can't rightly think of anything else to post today.. sad huh? I can usually talk your ears off.. because well I am good. but there isn't alot to be said. So on to the blog:

5 favorite things to eat:

1) Oreos (they are a comfort food when things are sort of yucky lol) good for me? well no . but hey whats the fun in that right?
2) not the real ones.. the crackers
3) ham and cheese wrap ups.
4) Fettucine alfredo
5) chicken fingers.

5 favorite songs:

1) More then a Memory--Garth Brooks. There is something really sexy about his growls in that song.
2) Chicken fried- Zach Brown band... so love this song
3) I'll walk- Bucky Covington. Sad but so pretty. I am impressed with him. I never thought in a million years this would be the idol who put out such an amazing song.
4) Don't wanna miss a thing- Aerosmith. Its mine and Chuck's song. Still love it.
5) Hammerhead Stew- Delbert McClinton. I love this song, its upbeat happy, goofy and fun. And yes Mel, I do like Rob's version better.

5 favorite movies:

1) The Notebook- I could watch this a million times and never get tired of it.
2) PS I love you- Ditto.
3) Heart and Souls- There's nothing sweeter then "walk like a man"
4) the Christmas shoes- such a good movie.
5) Dirty Dancing- Nobody puts baby in the corner!!

5 favorite vacation spots:

1) Magic Kingdom- Walt disney world
2) Epcot- Walt Disney world
3) Hollywood Studios- Walt Disney world
4) Downtown Disney- Walt Disney world
5) Do you get the impression I like Walt Disney World?

5 favorite things:

1) My necklace
2) My mothers ring (Even though its outdated)
3) My Claddaugh and engagement rings
4) My pooh shelf
5) Sugar Cookie tea lol. yum-o

5 favorite people

1) My mom
2) Chuck (no, he won't mind he's second)
3) My kids
4) My family in general
5) MelNikiaDesereLaurieKarenAmanda (if i list them all close together they count as one person even though its more right?

5 things I need to go do

1) Call the guy about the fridge
2) Analyze the bills
3) figure out dinner
4) Let the dog out
5) Post this blog... more tomorrow!!

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