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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Today is Christmas Eve and as much as a pain in the tail everything has been (I swear there are people in Walmart who know me by sight now.. and then there are some who are still mad at me or mad in general because they have no Christmas spirit). This morning I ran all over the world for my mother.....I mean.. I love her I do.. she is out of this world the most amazing woman, but.... I swear if I don't 5 minutes of peace and quiet I will lose my ever loving mind. We easily have enough food to feed 2 small countries Armys, but hey at least no one can say "there is NOTHING to eat" well without having their tail kicked that is. ;o)~

So, we are now on the way to my mothers, and yes I am blogging... its like a drug I cant help it. We packed the car up while Chuck was at work, I had my annual Christmas nervous breakdown, and now we are on our way. WOOOOOHOOOO. Finally, paydirt for alll the stuff we have done. Now lets just hope tonight is as peaceful and wonderful as Thanksgiving.

If by chance I don't get time to post tomorrow (christmas and all) MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope Santa treats you all great!!!!!!! *MUAH*

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Mel said...

A word on getting the Mapes-Glover family out of the house....

I think that D-Day had less prep.

And took fewer people to put in motion. Part of me feels guilty for being at work and not being home to help get it done.

The other part ran to work, shuddering and looking over my shoulder.

It amazes me when they mobilize!!!

And you wouldn't believe the vaccuum of sheer silence that encompasses this house when they are gone. The dog is going mental with boredom. Poor Lily