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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Truth be told

So today, I am going to do the whole confession is good for your soul thing... sure why not. Its Thursday, Christmas is coming.... Santa is watching. I may as well right?

1) Truth be told, I love my winnie the pooh stuff on the entertainment center, but I am thinking of selling them or freecycling them. At first it was the money, now its to save them from being broken. Nobody else cares that I dont want random stuff placed up there. And before something gets broken, I would rather see it given away.

2) Truth be told, I am exhausted today. Emily had a horrible night last night she was fussy and didn't want to sleep, by the time she finally closed her eyes, i had 10 minutes before the alarm went off for Stephanie and Danny... Granted all i do for them is tell Chuck to get them up, but it didn't make getting up easier. Luckily its a half day, so when I see the first teenager i am going to take a nap.

3) Truth be told, My teenagers cleaned up the house last night, it wasnt God awful just cluttered (mostly their crap) and they put it all away, and cleaned up. I was impressed and thrilled (oh and wondering how many drug tests I needed to buy because they did it without me asking over and over again)

4) Truth be told, little kitty and I are gonna rumble if he doesn't leave my damn tree alone

5) Truth be told, have I mentioned how tired I am today?

6) Truth be told, I have to have a very difficult conversation this week with someone who I do love dearly, but its time to speak up.

7) Truth be told, I need to get out more... David has watched four shows today and i have known all four theme songs..oy vey.

ok truth be told, i have come to the bottom of this blog. more tomorrow. havea nice day

1 comment:

Mrs B said...

You too funny! I love the one about your cat...Truth be told, if my kids don't stop playing "fort" under the tree, we are going to rumble.

I will be praying for your conversation. Those always stink.

God bless!