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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hi, I am Tricia..and I am addicted.

Sadly....we bought Big brain academy months ago, and it became well a challenge between Chuck and Ifor awhile to see who's smarter :::::coughcoughmecoughcough::::::: It was actually nice because it helped me use my brain on something that wasn't being shown on sprout, noggin, pbs kids or disney channel..which in my world made it well better then chocolate. I know i know.. bite my tongue. but seriously.. its REALLY good. I have my favorite games, but for the most part i just like that i have the high score in the house .. go me.

But then.......

Last week we added Brain age..... I am 37 years old.. (yes thats my age.. on a blog..i said it.) My brain age is 32....and Chucks is...80. (hes 32 lol) ok I have once again conquered one of these games... (seriously.. its math and reading and other different mind games.. the bad part is it really does screw with you.. .there is this one game they will list colors (the words) and then show you them in DIFFRENT colors you have to read out loud "RED" when the word is blue but is colored red.. it makes you so horribly tongue tied. But hey I am 32 so its NOT so bad lol. then as I was going through this disk I find Sudoku..

::::::Scarey movie music::::::

For whatever reason these stupid things have always terrified me........I mean I am not unfriendly with numbers, numbers and I get along . .I mean, I am AWESOME with the cell phone ( and letters.. I am GREAT at texting.. ask verizon wireless i think they made unlimited text messages to save us a small fortune :oP lol), I can add stuff in my head, I balance a checkbook etc. numbers are my friend.. but the idea that you had a grid could only use 1 number in each little 9 section and not have the same number going across or down.. screwed my head up.. so i decide.. ok.. lets try this.. MAYBE i grew.. MAYBE I could do this... I do the tutorial.. i pass... whew.. do the next tutorial.. pass.. whew x 2. All of a sudden i realize I am doing these stupid puzzles.. and they are EASY. So day one.. I killed the Nintendo DS batteries.. :oX whoopsie. But damn if I have not discovered NOT only can I sudoku but I LIKE it. So now i have to say.. "Hi, I am Tricia, and I am helplessly addicted to Sudoku"

Aww much better

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