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Monday, December 8, 2008

Not me Monday.

Happy Monday!! Ok.. so the alarm went off and we had to get out of bed .. a new week begins, its not so bad is it? er. yes. it is. groans.. and thus starts a new week of "Not me Monday"

I did NOT audibily complain that my mother and two brothers and parts of their respected families are going to Walt Disney World the day after Christmas because I think their timing stinks, and I hate that we are not part of the cool group, so we dont get invited.

I did NOT giggle out loud everytime someone stopped to look at Emily yesterday in her Santa Dress and hat that her sister bought her, when they would say "oh she is so cute"

I did NOT wish that I had the money to do Christmas shopping because i desperately need retail therapy.

I did NOT play Brain age on the Nintendo DS for 15 minutes on the potty because i had ALMOST solved sudoku and couldnt leave it undone.

I did NOT giggle that I had a ring around the heiney. ;oX

I did NOT wish Chuck could have stayed home with me today, because I feel like we never spend anytime together anymore.

I did NOT laugh when the little kitty got even with the dog because hey paybacks are a and she deserved it.

I did NOT snap at David for taking my peanut butter toast, its fricking peanut butter toast.. gee I think my periods coming.. (I did apologize and he forgave his grouchy mommy)

I did NOT have AJ tell someone I wasn't home on the phone because i did not feel like talking.

I did NOT wish I was one of the cool kids with a cool blog that people read and comment.. because I was in a spoiled brat mood..

I did NOT look forward to Not Me Monday so I had right to complain today.. lol.

Ok I think that sums it up more tomorrow...

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My Three Sons said...

your little santa IS adorable.