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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all.. and to all a good night

The day started out ok.. but my brother Gregg quickly did all he could to screw it up. He has this knack for drinking too much and then well.. speaking. Thanksgiving was the holiday i was dreading.. and it was wonderful. I looked forward to Christmas and it stunk so bad I am thinking of going home tomorrow instead of Saturday. I don't understand him.. i have six kids.. six wonderful bright kids... he treats the four i had with my Ex like Gold.. hell he treats my EX like Gold . ya know the one who slept with my best friend for three years BENEATH my nose..Yep, thats him. And treats me, Chuck, David and Emily like we don't belong.. < GASP! > I am CATHOLIC and I got divorced and ::::oh the horror:::: remarried!! how dare I! Yes, he was married and NO, hes not anymore, they divorced too. Only Mr Perfect would never consider remarrying.... hes Mr Perfect. @@ Only in truth, he is so far from perfect its not even remotely funny.. argh!

Ok.. anyways... deep breath.. sorry had to get that out.

Christmas minus my brother the tool the day was really good. Santa was good to me, Chuck was amazing as always and the kids were great. I told my mom now i remember why I never come visit and it hurt her feelings, but who would want to come visit and feel unwelcome? Honestly......

I hope everyone had the most amazing holiday, with lots of love, good food, and happiness. And I hope 2009 brings you health, peace and love. God bless!


Anonymous said...

(()) I am so sorry! We had our own christmas drama. It sucks to ruin something so awesome and it seems like that is what they are out to do in the first place!

Mel said...

Maybe we need to start treating HIM badly. I know it's not in your make up to hold a grudge for more than....5 min or so... but I think I can train that out of you. I would dearly love to trasfer the little bit of residual anger my EX and his bullshit dredges up right on over to The Perfect Jerk. oo we'll call him PJ from now on!!(Now we can use the names we both have for him!!!)

I really think PJ is jealous that you moved on, and found happy. Sucks to be such a loser eh?

And for all of Chuck's faults (ok there really are only a few) I really think PJ is supremely JEALOUS. Because his tiny little Grinch Heart and Trex bRain could never ever allow him to be half the man Chuck his sleep. (hey he snores, and talks in his sleep...but you still gotta love him right?)