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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Santa:

I realize its been a number of years since I wrote you, and you must be thinking that I fell off the Santa bandwagon, but Santa, I have been busy, I have had six children (you know them, I think you call them nice, naughty, nice, naughty, naughty and nice what can I say.. 3 and 3 my odds aren't so bad.. I kid.. they are all nice.. they just have their moments). Santa, I come to you this year because this year more then any, I need to know you are out there. I need to know you are out there and listening. This is the year the whole world needs to believe. So Santa, here is my list.

1) World Peace. Yep, right off the bat, I am asking for it. Look, I know I won't get it, but it can't hurt to ask right? I mean everyone keeps pointing out that "change" is coming, why not ask for it early? While I realize its a big request, what list isn't complete without that one big ticket item, and Santa this is mine.

2) Ok Santa, my first item was big, how about we ask for something smaller.. how about 24 hours of peace and quiet? With my husband.... a day away. It doesn't matter where we go, we just need some time. We need to do what Lonestar said in one of their songs "Let's be us again" And of course the awesome booty call would work too.. because you can only be so free sharing the room with a 11 month old.

3) How about we ask for good health through 2009? Not perfect health but good health would be nice (oh and if you can help me arrange to lose those nagging pounds that are hanging over me like a bad dream that would be greatly appreciated) :o)~ Come on Santa.. I know you can help.

4) how about a recipe book? Apparently my kitchen ideas are running thin.. the kids want something new, Santa i want something new and easy.... ooo or you can just send Paul Deen or Emeril to live here for 2009.. I will give them back in 2010.. I promise

I would really like some good movies this year, the new Harry Potter would be good but really anything that requires me to think and not require me to enjoy myself.. let it just happen on its own would be nice :o)~

OK Santa.. i put some pretty big requests in front of you, but if anyone can handle it big guy I know its you. So get to it! and in the meantime.. I will make you cookies and milk ok?


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Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh I love the kids picture together!!! It came out great!!!