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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Whats up Wednesday?

Whats up? Chuck and I went shopping last night and are about 93% done with Christmas shopping...the last 7% is stocking stuffers and a few items we will get this weekend sadly we did not buy one item that David has spoken about religiously (Handy Manny tool truck.. its $59.99 OMG... anyways this morning he opens up the fisher price catalog sees it and says "and THATS what I am getting from Santa" uh oh.. we are gonna work it out..

Whats up? I am still as far from knowing what to get for Chuck as I was last week when I posted this, the practical things I would buy, i am not sure he would want or even like.. it sucks. Plus, :deep breath:: sometimes I feel like we really don't even know each other anymore.. we can be in the same room and barely a word will be exchanged. its like we are here, but we are not here together. I am not sure what it is, but sometimes things feel broken, or more like just chipped. sighs.

Whats up? bad mothers put on Elmo in grouchland for 20 minutes of peace and quiet and to watch their 11 month old little girl shake her tushy to the blanket song lol.. psst I am a bad mother

Whats up? wanna know what stephs getting for christmas.. sike.. so does she and she reads my blog. .haha stephanie :oP

Whats up? there is a lady I know, she is so very sweet, and she is having it rough right now.. i only know her through our blogs, but I wanted her to know that whats up, is i am thinking of her and hoping her path grows smooth soon. :o)~

Whats up? Emily needs a nap so its time for me to end this for today.. more tomorrow.

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Mrs B said...

Ahhh....Are you talking about me? You are such a sweety pie. God bless ya!

I know all about not being able to get your kids the cool thing for Christmas. Belle is getting a $5 rendition of the memory game. Oh well, she's 2 (almost 3 *sob sob*), I think she'll love it.

I totally relate to not knowing your spouse. Sometimes it feels like we are mile apart just sitting next to eachother. I do have a default gift. I go to and order him a custom item...This year it was a shirt. When we had more money, it was shoes, which oddly enough cost just about the same as regular Nike shoes.

Praying for you...oh, and love your name!