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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spirit of the season

The holiday season is upon us I know because I got my annual phone call from my mother this morning informing me the family is fighting. Which is extremely ridiculious. At least three times she will call me and tell me she is not coming to Thanksgiving or she is not having Christmas. In the end, it will happen. But.. the fact of the matter is, this is a usual occurance. People who are supposed to love each other, people who are supposed to care about hurting feelings, seem to always hurt each other more at this time of the year.. I so badly want to tell them to eat a candy cane, drink some egg nog, hell date a ho (hell date 3.. that way you have ho ho ho sorry spirit of the season got carried away).. but for God's sake STOP fighting. ARGH. The worst part is 200 miles away there is very little I can do, other then pacify mom with the "it will be ok" and tell my brother to stop being an ass... hopefully just maybe we can do it.

So, Chuck and I went to dinner last night at the first dinner date place we ever had down in Norfolk. We ate at China Garden, and it was really good.. the heartburn at 3 AM.. no so much. Then we went to go see Twlight. I expected to like the movie, but I totally didnt expect to love the movie. The storyline is as good as everyone has said, and I told Chuck I am on Team Edward. lol. Robert Pattinson does a very good American accent, which you know after watching the guy who plays Jason Stackhouse on true blood go from british to southern makes me wonder if English people just talk with the accent when an American is around :o).. its a ploy to make us think they talk different... fakers!!

I found Emily the CUTEST pink winter hat.. sad to admit I found it at the dollar store, but its soo cute and she is just darling in it. Chuck asked me how we have such a cute kid... I told him "I incubate well". haha

Ok time to go make the grocery list and get things going today... more tomorrow.. same blog time.. same blog channel.

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