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Monday, November 10, 2008

Not me Monday...

There is a lady who has a LOVELY blog, I really enjoyed reading it today well one of her topics is Not Me Monday and I have decided to participate:
I did NOT procrastinate pulling something out for dinner tonight because I really don't want to cook.
I did NOT audibly whine about what I don't have, when I should be grateful for what i do have. A wonderful family and great friends.

I did NOT take five minutes and feel just a little sad that my brother David died 11 years ago today, and wish once again that he was still here.
I did NOT ignore my normally drama queen daughter when she said she didnt feel good to find out she has a fever.. oops
I did NOT take too long reading blogs and message boards today when i had plenty of other things I could and should be doing
I did NOT secretly enjoy that Mel came home from work sick today, not because she's sick but because the woman is a workaholic and needs a day.. BAD.
I did NOT wish Nikia would make more whoppie pies because PMS is here and I need the chocolate before someone gets hurt
And finally
I did NOT make a face of dread that my DH brought home a pumpkin for David and I to make pumpkin pie.. ugh... pumpkin pies are so much easier to make with the can stuff. ;o)~ but hey at least they had fun.
That was fun!! have a nice day!!!

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Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Mmm. chocolate! Also, your last post about the walmart cashiers is so so spot on!